17 Ways to interview like a pro

like Great interview coming up? Do not worry ! The devil is in the details when it comes to interviewing , make sure it is above all these pieces and nail the interview. Here we go:

  • 1) Report on the work and the company  interview

Do you have full employment information , including tasks , dependencies , location, travel conditions , salary range , etc? If not, do so immediately. The more information you have the better you can adapt to your questions and it sounds like you know what you ‘re talking about. interview
What do you know about the company ? Again, make sure you have the information about the company and get to your site, see the press releases and stock quotes to get an idea of what is happening right now . The candidate is updated in the company and the industry will impress.

  • 2 ) Gathering information on people interview

Who are the researchers how they fit into the organization , what kind of people are they? This is where your detective skills are very convenient online . Researchers have complete information about you courtesy of your resume if it is just that you do some research too. Browse all resources, including LinkedIn , Facebook and other social networking sites for information. interview

  • 3 ) Format like

What is the format and agenda of the interview ? You will probably find more than one person and has divided the issues and topics , you know exactly what to expect so you can be mentally prepared . Candidates sometimes expect a smooth conversation about the benefits of human resources , but end up making a projection technique four hours with the heads of the three continents , do not let this happen to you. interview

  • 4) Prepare questions like

Bring your resume and ask yourself what you want to ask a candidate with this profile . Step into the shoes of a hiring manager and criticize the shortcomings / omissions in your resume . For the role play with a friend and let them play devil’s advocate . interview Comes with ten questions that you are more likely to be asked and then get to the answers. When you are satisfied with the answers , go to the next set of ten … interview

  • 5 ) Dress like

You know what the dress code is ? You’d be surprised how many candidates assume they know this and really bad. Find out what are likely to use your interviewers , so you can wear something similar, only more formal contact . Ways to find this would be to call reception / HR / supervisor and asking the company . Ways It also gives you the opportunity to know yourself more with people. interview

  • 6) Route like

Do you have a description of the route and called the front desk to check for some company ? The worst that can happen is that you are late, avoid this gives you plenty of time to reach your destination.

  • 7) The arrival interview

Act confidently and courteous . Participate in a conversation with the receptionist , be sure to leave a good impression on everyone in the office . When the interviewer will pick up , offer a firm handshake and finish with a little conversation before the start of the meeting. Ways Mirroring the body language of the researchers, will feel comfortable with you from the beginning. interview

  • 8) know that the butter until like

If several researchers understand who the decision maker is and massage their egos . They want to know that you are a good worker and will not cause any problems. Ways Most managers and staff have experienced problems in the process learned the hard way to look out for any signs of rebellious behavior . interview

  • 9) Sale to like

When talking to you, telling stories , case studies and examples. Storytelling is the sale of the story , everyone loves a good story and so does your partner. Make yourself stand out by repeating some stories of his achievements , how to deal with conflict and what a great team player you are. The researchers could see up to 20 people in one day , if an interesting story worth repeating the interview will be the root in their minds. interview

  • 10) Clarity like 

Say what you can , what you learn and where you want to go in your career. A candidate in the interview clearly shows inspire confidence. No one can expect me to tell you exactly where you are within five years , but it takes an overview . interview

  • 11) Advantages and disadvantages like

Everyone knows their strengths, try to limit to 3. In terms of weaknesses , the best athletes in the world can give their main weaknesses immediately . They are aware of them and working on them and so should you . This shows maturity and intelligence , which are essential skills for any business. The old story gives a weakness that can be considered as the force will not work . Investigators heard the “workaholic , and” perfectionist routine ” more times than I have had hot meals. interview

  • 12) Blabber like

Please do not waffle ! I can not emphasize enough . Answer the questions , no more no less. A candidate who is on a tangent, not only shows a lack of focus , but perhaps the nervousness. If you do not know a subject , tell the interviewer that instead of trying to sound better than you. They will appreciate your honesty and if you say you are interested in learning more in this area once again to demonstrate a willingness to work on their weaknesses . interview

  • 13 ) Grace Under Fire like

Some researchers use different techniques for you and see how you react under pressure growing. They want to see if you give the answers ” emotional ” . Do not take in this area , remain professional and level headed . The ideal candidate will be calm and analyze the situation , crash and burn candidate to be very excited and scream. interview

  • 14 ) Interview the interviewer like

After the shell is your turn to respond . It’s just telling you what’s in it for you after discussing your value added. Learn about careers , the dropout rate , how many times there are conflicts within the team , that’s why people have left in the past. Ten questions must prepare smart and be prepared to ask follow up questions answers you get . interview

  • 15 ) Purchase Signs Ways

Questions about your salary expectations , potential start date and the holidays are restricted traditional buy signals . Be aware of any other such as “Can you do work in this area , like this” or ” Do you speak the language X ? This means they have some ideas about your request. interview

  • 16 ) End of interview Ways

The close request information immediately . Chances are that researchers have made ​​your decision on that already so go ahead and ask . Ask him to show interest and business sense , even if you do not get the answer you want , he will respect you for asking. If you work in sales and is not the question to make the sale , you can guess what is going to print .

  • 17 ) After the interview Ways

Dale Carnegie said to send a thank you note to each host , this applies for interviews too. A simple email with a couple of lines of jokes will. Again, this is a way to set yourself apart from other candidates and meet the most professional . interview

17 Ways to interview like a pro

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