Why your CV is boring and ineffective …

Many ideas and thoughts came to my mind . why companies need to be remarkable to succeed today … in advance , companies can create products annoying and put a lot of ads on TV , and that was it ! And it works well ! boring

  • Information Overload

Now the public is more demanding , have less time and the number of choices is larger … if you have to be extraordinary to get attention . why
You must create a purple cow (because all cows ‘normal’ are white , black or brown , not purple … ) to be noticeable.
It is also necessary to focus on a niche market and not sell everything to everybody . You need to focus your money and work in a small niche sneezers or early adopters to spread the word .

  • CV overload why

A resume is a 2D document a boring list of duties and responsibilities. As a recruiter , I have seen hundreds of resumes, I can tell you , they are all equal . And those observed not noticed for the right reasons ( fancy font , colors , funny pictures ) . CV
And even if we have to follow certain rules , people forget that resumes are there to demonstrate the skills and demonstrate their abilities to demonstrate their skills. They have a description of the functions of your job in your resume instead of putting numbers or cite studies of successful cases .

  • The good old days

But at that time, simply send a resume and it worked fine … I remember my father telling me that he has sent a letter written by CV and have two interviews next week (in the 70s ) . The number of use CVS educated people was quite low , the word of mouth technique wide . Therefore, the CV is a powerful tool . why

  • The situation today beheaded

Now it does not work much. The number of people with degrees and extensive training has skyrocketed in the last decade , and everyone uses a CV if you are a banker or a plumber . The consequence of this is that recruiters are flooded with resumes. why
Each time a recruiter publishes a paper , received hundreds of resumes worldwide . So you have less time to identify each CV and highlight opportunities are quite small .

  • Please do not give them a reason to remove your CV

When I was recruiting , I used the button on my keyboard that nothing was ” delete ” ! Therefore, the CV is no longer an effective tool , which is quite annoying to read . It is a cow “normal ” is not going to use just a remarkable resume .

  • The key is to focus CV

The other lesson  is that you need to focus on developing your resume. You can not put everything you have done and hope for the best … You must be specific and find a niche or a market stall . If you put the generic stuff without giving life to your resume , it will be even worse. If you want your resume to look less boring and ineffective , it takes a bit of life in their numbers IE CV , your brand, your specialty, for example, I have specialized in European executive coaching .
But please , give a little life to your resume , and of course, always respecting the rules. And you need to know to be his destiny to customize your resume accordingly. Just a word to the CV : focus, focus, focus !

Why your CV is boring and ineffective …

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via The A 1 Effective http://a1effective.blogspot.com/2013/11/why-your-cv-is-boring-and-ineffective.html

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