How to get a job when you have no experience

What is the most common way that young people without experience looking for a job ? experience

Most of them enter a website, choose some work , send your CV and in the best case , also attach a cover letter .

And for the rest of the day , sit somewhere, drinking coffee with friends unemployed complain that all employers are bad for not offering a job .

Not so good , huh ? And at night , usually quite depressed because they do the same thing over and over again for a couple of months do not receive a single call for a job interview . experience

The truth is that to get a job when you have no experience at all , you must realize that often , most companies do not employ the most qualified and laborious , but those who know how to sell the best way and keep their jobs.

If we put this in other words , in order to get a job when there is a lack of professional experience , should be pretty fair and even consider if you want to take before applying for a position. Here are some ideas you can use : experience

Would you hire you? job
No matter what you think , this is actually a very important question you need to ask yourself before asking someone to hire you . In other words, you should say, if you are responsible , loyal and professional enough to do the job , no matter if you apply for a job as a waiter , doctor, architect , etc.

Choosing the Right Approach
There are no strict rules to follow when applying for a job . This is not a book, and there is a theory that can help transform everything you read in practice. However, there are some basic tips that you can follow to do the job you are applying for, even if you do not have the necessary experience.

Stay focused
Instead of applying for different jobs that you know that there is nothing in companies that have not done a search , try to stay focused on a single workstation and apply two or three companies. This will give you the ability to search for the company and its workers, on the other hand will help keep you informed on the details . And know the details that give a serious advantage before any job seeker.

CV and cover letter
Do not even think of sending a standard CV – this will make you look like everyone else and you will not have a competitive advantage. However, you must remember that your resume is crucial to get a job , a good idea is to try to make it different , especially considering the fact that you have no experience at all. There are many examples of non-standard resume on the Internet and you can find some good ideas, if you spend enough time on it .

When applying for a job, do not forget to send a letter , too. It is absolutely unacceptable to send a resume without a couple of sentences in email support . Also, try to write your cover letter free and make sure it is different from all the clichés and “best practices.”

Try not to get into the standards
Be sensitive and unusual. And this, of course , does not mean putting on fancy clothes or anything like that . The important thing is to be unconventional, but show your future employers who are motivated and dynamic , not just a cuckoo . There is a subtle difference between these two things, so be careful.

Make an offer they can not refuse how
Now is the right time to attack and be absolutely ruthless. Make an offer that your future employer can not refuse , which means that the offer must be sufficiently coherent and must be in accordance with the work.
Also, keep in mind that employers are very cautious when choosing a candidate who has no experience at all. What will make a difference is to offer:

some results ;
work for free until you get the results that have been analyzed ;
be flexible ;
Be honest and show how much you like the company and how much you want the job
Suggest from a lower position than it really deserves

With this step , literally sweep the competition if we can speak of a competition at all. It shows the motivation and ambition, and a strong interest and faith in their own knowledge and skills. This is a step that almost no one would, and that’s exactly why it’s usually a big impression. how

How to get a job when you have no experience

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