Stop playing it safe : Five acts of bravery in times of uncertainty

playing Out on a ” fiscal cliff ” to ” go offshore work ” – take a look at today’s headlines and quickly bombard you why you should crouch , play it safe and avoid risk. Stop

The articles have a way to play our vulnerability. Too often , feed fear and increase our sense of insecurity – allowing us to walk through life in a constant state of anxiety , always worried about what danger lurks just around the corner, always focusing instead that we could lose what we can do to get more of what we want . safe playing

But here ‘s the deal. Fear is a powerful emotion , and nothing is done , can overwhelm your life , preventing you from doing the things that ultimately serve the same and make you feel more secure , not less. Consequently , during periods when fear is rampant most are those who are able to rule and take decisive in his presence , to find the opportunity in uncertainty and reap the greatest rewards . safe playing
Of course, there are all programmed with risk appetite as Richard Branson or Bear Grylls . But that’s when you want to ” remove the hatches ” , what else needs to be more intentional to not let your insecurities , fears and anxieties run your life or limit their future.
safe playing

Walking past their emotional comfort zone is in itself an act of courage and bravery. It requires you to put their vulnerability on the line , you take a risk. This is why many people do not. After all , why risk making a mistake , offend , or not lose face (! Or your job) to stay with the known and familiar seems much easier – so of course – and much less expensive ? safe playing

But consider this : while playing safety can give you a temporary feeling of security in the long term , may ultimately prepares you for greater insecurity . As Maria Eitel , president of the Foundation Ike shared with me while researching my latest book Play safely stop , “I never let my fear of losing my job get in the way of saying what to say or do what needs to be done . safe playing ” not that she did not feel fear is fear never leaves determine their actions. In fact , when I asked people to tell their highly effective ” lucky breaks ” , they were able to return to something that was emotionally risky or uncomfortable in some way ( along with a lot of hard work !) safe playing

To this end, here are five acts of daring to advance a culture that thrives on fear and urges caution at every step. There is no risk . However, risk taking is scared , it becomes apparent that it is not necessary to be so scared in the first place . Courage Courage generates just ask someone who embodies. safe

1) Dare to take action IMPERFECT playing

Too often , we are taking action because we are not 100 % sure of the correct action to take. We say that is smarter and safer to stick with the status quo. However, recent research has shown that when it comes to playing it safe, we tend to underestimate the cost of inaction. safe It is said that now is not the right time , we need more of something ( information, knowledge , energy, money , trust … ) to solve a problem or achieve a goal. We focus more on what we have to lose what you could win . safe But in a world where change occurs rapidly and the windows of opportunity that can open and close quickly , choose to do nothing may pay a much higher figure heavy in your career , business and life that may be willing or able to evaluate. Be willing to take the risk of an erroneous decision and take imperfect measures almost always be more productive than doing nothing . safe

2) Dare to walk playing

I’ve never met someone who loved being criticized or rejected . We love to be loved. We are all set for the connection. But based on what makes you different is the biggest key to your success. safe After all , when everything you do is right, all you have to offer is supported. So to forge their own path and express their own opinions and make a stand for what is true for you. As Margaret Thatcher said : “You can not lead from the crowd. ” When all you do is try to fit in, you deny the difference that difference and deprive others of the unique value that only you can do. safe

3) They dare to expose their VULNERABILITY playing

You build your reputation, your influence and impact through conversations you lead every day. Too often , however , play safe in the way we relate to those around us to say what we think or ask what we want because we are afraid of the outcome. safe The truth is that the most important conversations – those that add the most value , build trust , catalysing change and gain respect – require vulnerability – put your desire for security and sympathy in the line of something more important. When you can leave your computer , talk openly and honestly share, you are able to add value , generate influence and gain confidence for the toes can not. safe Be willing to expose their vulnerability and engage in ” courageous conversations ” whenever necessary , however awkward it may be, is essential to its success. playing

4) Dare to say ” DO NOT KNOW “ safe

Your best thinking that led to where he is today . If you want to be somewhere bigger and better in a year, then you must be willing to question the assumptions underlying the current view of yourself and the world. safe Try to get on with the old cards is a sure way to fall behind – or totally lost . As I wrote to stop playing it safe ” ready to” learn , unlearn and relearn ” is crucial to adapt and seize the opportunity in the fast-paced world today , changing workplace. safe ” Sure, it’s a risk to say “do not know ” and can be (temporarily ) seen as ignorant . But it is a much greater risk to remain silent and remain ignorant . Discover more creative approaches , refine your plan to change the world works , and navigate forward more effectively, to admit when you are unsure or if you do not know . safe


Let the opinions of others to determine what they will do and say this is a very restrictive way of life. For this reason, when it comes to self -promotion, should stop letting fear of sounding pretentious get in the way of letting the right people know who you are and what you have to offer . safe There is a clear difference between an ego stroking you promote insecurity and share their value to those who can help you discover who you are and what you are capable of doing in the future. Amid today’s competitive job , should be ready to blow his own horn from time to time , otherwise you run the risk of being left behind . safe The opportunities are believed to be humble feet will be given to people whose commitment to their own success is greater than their fear of contempt . So on himself , put on a false humility on the side, and call !  Stop

Of course , there’s much more likely that you will need as you work on building a career and life that inspires you and allows you to make a difference for others that only you can really do. Stop safe Just remember , courage is not the absence of fear or insecurity , but the action in his presence. So do not expect to feel brave enough to start acting with courage . safe Instead, ask yourself, ” What would you do today if I had to be very brave ? ” – Then take a big step forward in the direction you expect your answer. safe Stop

Stop playing it safe : Five acts of bravery in times of uncertainty

Stop, Playing, Safe

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