Get happier at the Office : Learning how to ” manage up

We focus on peace of mind , thinking the best of people and avoid frustration . Inevitably, however, a large proportion of our frustration at a given time is related to the job. The truth is more bald managers earn rank through their professional accomplishments , rather than their management skills . how
Whether you love or hate your job , dealing with difficult managers is often a fact of life . “Managing up” is more than what your boss like you more in the hope that it will stop listening to you, but also managing their own reactions to things she does – if you are constructive , crazy , harmful, or just verbally abusive .
Your boss may be uncertain , too
Above all, remember that most intrigues boring desk is the result of fear or insecurity. Ask yourself if your boss is trying to stay on the good will of his boss.
how Is it possible that heinous power trips are simply the result of the uncertainty about whether people take it seriously ? get This justifies the anticipation over secret motives of his colleagues for almost all interactions with them . how Even if someone is very unpleasant, try your best to stay positive and resist the temptation to complain , as they almost always return to make people think you are a plaintiff . Instead, even if you are not , try to show your appreciation and be constructive . 
Dealing with Face Time
Although we believe that everyone needs to master the ability to say no, we also understand that some workplaces really judge employees leaving before everyone (even if you have completed all your work ) .
get Look what their colleagues are doing and, well , not the first in the door every day , but do not play the whole game. The competition to see who can stay longer not only support a work culture that values ​​both the quality , but also will teach your leaders who are always on duty . get If you are often working up to 21 hours will really hesitate to ask something one day , makes you go home on time? Set limits . In addition , leaving the supposed to also talk about the fact that you are an employee very capable of getting things done in a timely manner. how

Observe signals which is more effective get
When you start a job, you may not know how to respond to negative feedback from your boss ( or sometimes even how to respond to the normal interactions ) .
Office Articulate what your boss and style of the company. For example , in some financial circles , testosterone – driven , employees can have more respect when they have a thick enough skin to take it all in stride , and the balls to speak again. In other offices, bosses want subordinates to accept criticism and disappear without explanation , because even the explanations are considered real apology .  get Understanding how your boss : Do you get anywhere when it comes to using the reason? Want to save all of the misery if nodded , spreading the conversation and re – came to discuss the issue after cooling ? how

Being really means when someone Office
A good manager can have the sense to present the information in terms of positive improvement and congratulate them on what they do well , but not every manager is a good thing.
get Not much you can do about how your manager speaks to you , even if it is unpleasant , unfair and irrational that is over-the -top . Before launching a cry that will not end well for you game, take a deep breath and reinterpret his boss ‘s  

Comments : how

  • • If your boss does a lot imagined as a madman who speaks his own emphatic language . Office Translate inside your head to understand how a normal person express the same thought. get “This is a total piece of shit , do not like , and do not have any suggestions on how to fix it, but it sucks ” can only become “I am disappointed by these results, why not not come back to me with constructive suggestions how you think we could improve our process? ” how
  • • Is there any truth in what he says ? Remember the exact words that are thrown around – no takeaway should be considered to improve in the future?
  • • Take note of all the suggestions and comments that dissected from its average yield , and discard the rest of the words . how

Get happier at the Office : Learning how to ” manage up

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