Get Ahead Plan : 8 questions you should ask your boss

Think about it: you’ve probably heard from his boss when a) they royally screwed, b) mostly kicking ass or … c ) is opinion made ​​in time . Get

Assessing your supervisor that you want , if you are not happy flying under the radar , which certainly will not help you move. Get input from your supervisor honored is essential to the relationship with your boss and , like it or not , your relationship with your boss can make or break your career. A strong report gives time a breeze and the day pass in an instant, but a fragile can make even a short elevator ride endlessly.

Also, having a good relationship with your boss , you can even reduce stress at work. In a study in the workplace of the American Psychological Association , up to 75 % of respondents said that the most stressful aspect of their job is their immediate boss .

In this case , we ask an expert to share some of the key questions you can do that will help you and your supervisor get ( or stay) track.

1) How was your weekend ? Get

When asked : ” Monday morning is hard and everyone has a million things on your list , but do not overlook the opportunity to ask questions about the weekend of his head ,” says Jodi Glickman , author of ” . Large at Work: What to say , how to say : Secrets of Success “gives you the opportunity to begin to build a personal relationship and connect to a level not – work.” Try to do something specific , like its daughter won her softball or dinner are the customer – it goes to show that you have been paying attention. Get

Why is it important to do the more you know about your boss, the better. By understanding how they spend their time when not in the office, you will learn what is important to her. “It allows the two to build a real relationship that goes beyond spreadsheets and time,” said Glickman . “It gives another dimension on login if you are seen not only as an object, but a person ‘s personal life and outside interests , too. Moreover, the exchange of personal information about your life , will appear more mature and has invested in the relationship. That scores big points with the administration. ” Get

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2 ) What is your biggest problem and how I can help solve it ?

When to apply : This is a great question to raise if you are new to a job or a team , as it will give an overview of the job requirements . Another good time to ask this question is when a new supervisor joined his department, which will help you discover what your priorities during the transition. But you can also use this question at any time , for example, when you find that your boss has a lot on his plate and wanted to let you know that you are available to start , which may increase their ratio of ” employee invaluable . ” Get

Why is it important to ask : “This shows that you are someone who is strategic and thoughtful and takes the initiative not just waiting to be told what to do,” said Glickman .

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3) When you think of the best employees that have worked for you , what makes them stand out in your mind ?

When to apply : This is not the type of question to appear as he heads to pick up a sandwich together. Book for a time when it is fashionable “information” serious , as in a performance , or a time when your boss has given you some information difficult. This question can be a good way to indicate that you want to improve and develop skills that facilitate this task , a task in the job description of each employee. Get

Why is it important to ask : “If you have a good relationship with your boss, but you want to take your game to the next level or score for a promotion or a raise, this is a great way to find out is valued more,” says Glickman . “Once you find it, you can try to model some of these behaviors . “

4) I am very excited to work together in ________ . Is it possible to get information from you during the project ?

When to apply : Each time you start a new project , working with a new team , or working on a long-term mission , his manager knew from the start that you want to sit with him and get feedback from it once it is running . Get

Why is it important to ask : When you ask your boss after an important meeting, ” How did it happen , ? ” Invariably , he will say that you did a great job . ” The best way to get the real and significant contribution to plant the seed in advance and ask your boss for feedback before you need it ,” said Glickman .

5 ) I have really wanted to nail the allocation of ________ . Do you have any templates that you could reference, or someone on the team should talk about who did a good job lately?

When to apply : At the start of a project that is unlike anything you’ve tried .

Why is it important to ask : is it likely that your boss has a vision of how you would like a completed project , and if you do not have a clear idea of expectations, is inevitably disappointed . ” You do not have to reinvent the wheel when you get a new job, ” advises Glickman . ” Be smart and ask to see examples of a job well done . Seek advice from the beginning, that save yourself and your boss, disappointment and a lot of wasted time .”

6) I would monitor _________ over the next six months. Can we keep this in mind that the projects are assigned?

Asked : When excel in your current role and ready for a new challenge and you know that your work is not affected thereby .

Why is it important to ask : “Managers and employees who are excited to learn, grow and take on new responsibilities,” said Glickman . ” When it comes to promotion , you get someone who not only did a good job , but always willing to develop new skills and add more value to your organization . “

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7) What should I start doing ? What should I stop doing ? What should I keep doing what I do well ?

When to apply : Ideally , these are questions that your boss met during their performance evaluation , but otherwise you should feel free to ask. If you just have your opinion, and do not feel that this information was available , send an email to your boss to ask a few heads to face and tell him that you hope to address these specific issues .

Why is it important to ask : ” There are probably many things you do well that your boss likes and probably others that he wants to stop, but I never had the heart or stomach to say,” said Glickman . ” This series of questions , it is easy for him to finally tell you that the 10 hours of cold calls you make each week does not lead to results , and you better build discussion group strategy in place . “

If your boss escapes these questions and say you’re doing a great job and do not need to change anything, but you know there is room for improvement , you can gently press the issue. Try a follow-up question like, ” I’m really glad to know that all is well , but I really step up and challenge myself . What do I do to make sure I get a promotion next year ? “

8) I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts and additional questions to digest all this information. We could establish a follow-up conversation in a few days ?

When to apply : At the end of a performance evaluation not as big or conversation in which your boss gives you value , if not entirely positive return .

Why is it important to ask : Is it hard to think on your feet and ask questions when you feel constructive rhythm. By making a few days to collect your thoughts , you will have time to reflect on the words of his boss and find ways forward. ” The last thing I want to do is stay calm ,” said Glickman . ” Remember that the purpose of the return is not to make you feel good. This is to make you feel better at work. “

Get Ahead Plan : 8 questions you should ask your boss

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