9 signs you have a bad boss

We would like to require all clients attending the school head . Or those who have been trained in the management of what they have learned absorbed. boss
The fact is that there are many bad bosses out of control there, and most do not even know they are the bane of their existence .
But the good news is that if you’re stuck in the top of the less-than- stellar one, there are strategies for managing their particular strain of madness.

Here are nine signs that your boss can not be what more and do about it.

1) It’s insulting
Regeneration is a necessary food group in the office place . have A good boss will explain why not meet expectations , and the changes you would like to see next time . But there is another breed : The manager who despises his job … without providing constructive criticism. Or worse . We’ve all been subjected to ” yellers ” in our time. boss
How to handle: If it is why is not happy with you, you can take steps to avoid being reprimanded. When you get a job , ask: ” What I hear you want to do that …” And make sure you are clear on the instructions before you start.
have If still lights and do not know what you’ve done to deserve this , take a deep breath and ask. You might want to wait until he finished his tirade and mood improvement, but a good time : “I understand that I have fallen short , so it does not happen again Can you explain what you want. Myself next time? ” can do wonders . boss

2 ) fails to make you feel appreciated have
Behind most good bosses is a good support team . Rather than recognize stuck there if they left their subordinates. Disease has a bad habit of starving his subordinates praise.
How to handle: It’s never fun to fish for compliments , but asking for feedback is a necessary evil in this case . Search suggestions: ” I have really wanted to make it easier you tell me how I do it well and how it could do better.
boss? have ” And never underestimate the power of congratulations . Not saying that always occurs as but prop can help them feel more comfortable , probably one of the main reasons you are not comfortable trading in the first place.

3) takes credit for the accomplishments of others
Unfortunately, petty thieves are climbing the ladder .
boss A good boss knows that his success goes hand in hand with the employees feel appreciated awareness . A bad boss can not believe what you’ve done, or worse , says her accomplishments as his own. have
How to handle: This is a thorny issue. Directly across from the theft probably will not get the results you want .
boss If you think you would be receptive , you can try to frame the conversation in a non- contentious : ” I really get a promotion this year , so I would love it if you could help me to make another aware of my work – so I fell into it. ” also, do not forget to put your achievements in writing. bad If there is a way to claim a credit for a coup orchestrated work, let the rest of the team before they know they have the opportunity to steal your thunder. boss

4) Disorganized have
It’s a catch-22 for employees who harass suffering project managers : do not want to emphasize the supervision of a superior, but do not blame me if something is forgotten net . A good manager is someone who is organized enough to help prioritize your tasks. Poor, of course, is the guy who asked if he could please print this e- mail to your … a third time.
How to handle: Part of the trick is to find what makes it tick . Is a person – or mailbox is that it is a bottomless pit ? Is it better to respond to repeated post -it? Although it may be diffict to psychoanalyze his boss , career success often depends on it. Also, do not underestimate the demands on their time. One way to ensure their needs are met is to request a one-on – one weekly meetings when you can load items on the checklist, get answers and seek proactive .

5) It has conducted a fire drill
A good boss helps drama package , not create it .
bad And the work of a director who likes things allowance “yesterday ” is an individual who can no longer tell what is really urgent and act as such. boss
How to handle: If you can get an edge over your tizzies , you will go far . This means understanding your triggers . Maybe she always was addicted to the finals , showing gains , or before a weekly meeting with your manager demanding. Ask him to help you sort the priorities you need each week … and make the e- mail . Then you at least an explanation of why he did what he did that the next time you get four angry alarm .
6) This is a micromanager
A good manager helps you build your skills, do more challenging than I thought I could. But the world is not this fabric: If you can not send an e – mail without repeating , you may be able to reduce insecurity higher, or a control freak .
How to handle: While you may be tempted to quit out of frustration , the key here is to communicate more than you think you need until you earn their trust. For some reason, like a wild animal , you feel nervous .
boss So for now , not surprising moves , and tell you exactly what they do and why they do it . Share updates . Provide progress reports. And make it feel like a trusted advisor to ask him his opinion and advice . Then, finally , we can say : ” I hope I have shown that I can handle this. I wish I had more responsibility. Is there anything else I should see that happening ? ” boss

7) is inaccessible
The most effective workplaces thrive on openness, but that does not mean that some managers do not choose tyranny instead. The problem is when communication is interrupted , the more problems can occur and subordinates will be afraid to ask for help to solve them.
How to administer: This is a difficult question, because if you did something to deserve the ridicule , the problem can be yours and yours alone . But you should not have to deal with a boss who is bad , distant, or abusive . Try to understand that the behavior is coming from, and always be polite , clear , honest and direct with her. If the situation does not improve , it could be a case that you consult other human resources manager or the best way to proceed .

8) It is too polite
At the other end of the spectrum , it is also possible for a boss to be too nice . The problem with this is that the bonus and review depends on what you think, so anything above that has his real thoughts will do you any favors.
How to handle : With a head like that, you may have been praying for bad feedback. If they still say they do a great job , tell him you think it would be even better if I could identify some areas where you can improve . Explain that you would like to have him as a director, but also want to advance your career, and could help you by showing the areas in which you can grow .

9 (who plays favorites
In a perfect world , all managers want all their direct reports as well. Unfortunately , it is human nature to click with some people more than others , and can become a problem when a superior promotes an employee with more responsibility ( or increases ) based on preferences , not performance .
How to handle: No, it’s not fair , but it is a time when it might be better to ignore the problem . And that’s because complaining is unlikely to change your mind later . Resist the temptation to complain to colleagues , gossip about the pet of her boss ‘s office or keep a count endless got do not.
boss Instead, keep an eye on your progress. Schedule time with your boss to keep your career goals, understand what behavior you admire the other person (if job related ) , and make sure you exceed your goals. Ultimately, this is your best chance to succeed . boss

9 signs you have a bad boss

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