10 Ways To Avoid Being Branded As Old At Work

 way As if I had enough worries in his personal life with age ( creaking joints , discoloration Ophthalmology , Cialis ads really apply to you ) , there is nothing to worry about in your life as well : age discrimination . way Work

A recent survey by AARP New York found that nearly half of people over age 50 were concerned about age discrimination in the workplace. And with good reason. AARP also notes that people over 55 have four months to find a job. way And according to the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity , cases of discrimination on grounds of age increased by more than 40 percent in the past 15 years. way Work

” Age Discrimination in the labor force is a sad reality ,” said Dr. Colleen Georges, certified career and life coach . “Often , a candidate more than 50 may be considered by recruiters and hiring managers to be ” too close to retirement “or” too set in their ways. way Some may worry about the lack of energy or motivation to learn, or even -50 candidate command too high wages. These misperceptions may annoy someone for an interview , go to the second stage of the interview process , or climb the ladder to positions of greater leadership. ” way Work

So what is the best to avoid being labeled, stereotyped and looked over as you age ? Experts share their tips to look as young as you feel in an office environment , so people notice your talent , skills and experience before they notice their age. way Work

  • 1) Get rid of your AOL email account . Since AOL has been around literally since the advent of the Internet, which reminds people of the dinosaur days “Dial Up” and often considered archaic email provider that can make you look out well . way What place should you ? ” All things related to Google are the way to go at this time ,” says George . “I usually advise clients to get a Gmail account . This is definitely the ‘in’ e- mail , constantly evolving in their capabilities.” way
  • 2) Get LinkedIn. Stat. It’s free . It’s easy, and really , you have no choice , experts say . way Work ” This is not a luxury,” says George . ” Those who are not part of LinkedIn can be considered missing warned of social networks , which is a race no-no. way” Not being in the networking site could keep you out of the race for the post and give more young technology edge over other candidates . So a good head shot and build your profile today . way Work

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  • 3 ) Allow a little … uh … the dates on your resume . Just as you would never tell a potential partner on the first date that you have $ 150,000 of debt, you should also do not know your age in your resume or during an interview. way}}} ” I do not advocate lying or details of fraud,” said George , ” but for workers with years of his graduation in 1980 , I suggest you leave outside these dates . Suggest also to provide every 15-20 years experience , unless you are looking for a high position where experience is more valuable . ” way Work

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  • 4) Favorites Mashable . And read regularly . Nothing makes you look older than when a group of coworkers discuss recent debacle Miley Cyrus foam finger and coherence with you , “Who is Miley Cyrus ? ” ” Mashable is a perfect tote site that can keep you current on new courses , information, and issues of social media trends , “says George . ” Even has a category called ” water source , “which includes the best tracks from work-related conversation . ” Other good sites to keep up on pop culture? Twitter , Facebook , Tumblr and Reddit . way Work
  • 5) Do not act like you know everything. “Too often we make the mistake of highlighting what we believe to be our strength , wisdom and experience that can only serve to make us see , yeah , man , ” said Pamela Redmond Satran , author of ” how not to act old : . 185 ways to pass Phat , Sick , Hot , Dope, awesome , or at least not totally sucks ” ” of course , the institutional memory has its value, but to give a lecture on how things happened in 1986 is probably more relevant and remind them that you were there in ’86 ( when they were probably in kindergarten.) way You can also make parents sound , which is a combination unconscious really want no increase. ” Work Old
  • 6) Do not make fun of Twitter. Way You may think that someone living tweeting his nephew Bar Mitzvah is the epitome of what is wrong with kids today , but the jokes about technological innovations defensive or social media are not going to go well , said Satran . way ” Now that the Pope on Twitter , you should be too much and should ” get “with Skype , Instagram , Pinterest , YouTube and Google Drive. Their younger colleagues may laugh at jokes technology , but are thinking really is sad.” Work
  • 7) Buy a scarf. Or the bag way . way ” The accessories can instantly update your look and help you look more modern (read: in the know ) and distinctive ,” says Kim Johnson Gross, author of ” What to wear for the rest of his life. Secrets of Ageless Style ” Try a modern and colorful bag , bold jewelry or an elegant shoe a sense of fun . ” Scarves are timeless and help you look prettier , thinner , younger and chicer ” he said. way Work
  • 8) Pay attention to the color of the hair. ” Whether you choose to dye the gray is really a personal preference , ” says Johnson Gross. Old ” But if you decide to try , keep in mind that the color black will be hard . Try warm colors and highlights more than a single process color. ” He also said that a good modern haircut can do wonders to help gray hair look younger . way “Think Diane Keaton, ” he said, ” and the use of products to help a healthy, dynamic and dramatic opaque instead of money .” Work

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  • 9) Look for companies that see it as an asset. ” The truth for many experienced workers is that they have a great experience,” says George . way ” They have seen the ups and downs organizations , who have learned to be flexible to change , you can see the bigger picture , learned the difference in the value of their teams.” Fortunately , there are organizations that know . When the job search , see the search sites dedicated to companies seeking candidates who have the knowledge and experience as JobsOver50.com , Workforce50.com , Seniors4Hire.org and Senior Job Bank.org . way Old
  • 10) Be true to yourself . This advice your mother gave you when I was in college and had a small tear in your eye ? It applies here too. ” When all is said and done , I think we have to be true to who we are,” said George . Old ” Wearing clothes that make you feel on top of your game , find work projects that fill you with energy and enthusiasm, and speak respectfully to you, your clients and colleagues. Neither these personality traits have anything to do with age, but that correlate with success and happiness. ” way Old

10 Ways To Avoid Being Branded As Old At Work

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