The Names of God – The Most Merciful

An explanation of the beautiful names of Allah :
 Al- Rahman and Al- Rahim
In the name of God ( Allah ) Most Gracious, Most Merciful .

This article is just as Muslims begin with many companies. Before starting, even the most mundane tasks of life, eating, drinking, dressing or bathing , a Muslim become their efforts in worship that mention the name of God. He (God ) is the Most Merciful and Most Merciful , His mercy encompasses all things , and is the source of all compassion and mercy that exists. God tells us in the Qur’an: ” My mercy encompasses all things … ” ( Quran 7:156 )

In the words of the Prophet Muhammad , we know that when God decreed the creation , said : ” … and My Mercy overcomes my wrath . ” ( Sahih Bukhari and Muslim) What exactly is the mercy ? The dictionary defines it as available to be nice and tolerant, and the feeling that motivates compassion.  The Arabic word for mercy is Rahmah and two of the biggest names God derived from the root word Ar Rahman – . Raheem the Merciful and Ar – . merciful mercy is that ethereal quality that embodies the sweetness , mercy , care , consideration, love and forgiveness. When these qualities can be seen in this world are a mere reflection of the mercy of God for his creation.

Prophet Muhammad taught us that God is more merciful to His creatures than a mother to her son ( Sahih Bukhari and Muslim) and , in fact, the Arabic word for womb , Raheem , is derived from the same root that mercy – Rahmah . It is important that there is a unique connection between mercy and God ‘s uterus . God feeds and shelters us and nourishes the uterus sheds the fetus. Merciful

Prophet Muhammad explained the quality of mercy to his companions , telling them that God has one hundred parts of mercy , and sent some to share with creation. This is why people are compassionate and kind to others , and wild animals treat their offspring gently . But God has chosen the other 99 parties that are granted to the believers on the Day of Judgment. ( Sahih Muslim)

All creation show love and compassion to each other with just this part of mercy. Humans willingly give poor families in need of support and love , and animals protect their young . The mercy and compassion in general take into account the need to alleviate suffering and spread the goodness and joy. Although this world sometimes seems to be a dark and gloomy , the mercy of God can be seen and felt by those who meditate and reflect . The rain falls , the sun shines , a child with her ​​father ‘s hand and the kitten nestled in the protective warmth of his mother. The mercy of God is strong and visible around us, but in the day of judgment , to be completed mercy, the addition of the last 99 games and giving mercy , love and compassion for the believers who do good and tried to please God in all his affairs . This concept is inspired by God’s mercy is boundless astonishment . Merciful

As a sign of the infinite mercy of God for mankind, He sent prophets and messengers to guide us and help us stay on the right path to Eternal Paradise . God said he has not sent the Prophet Muhammad to all humanity , that mercy .

” We have sent you ( O Muhammad ) can not but as a mercy for all that exists . ” (Quran 21:107 )

Prophet Muhammad was the embodiment of mercy , who showed compassion to those around him, his family , orphans , friends and strangers. God spoke to him saying :

” This is a mercy from God , compassionate with them . Had you been severe and harsh hard-hearted , they would have dispersed from around you , so pass over ( their faults ) , and ask ( ) God’s forgiveness for them and consult them in the affairs ” ( Qur’an 3:159 ) .

Prophet Muhammad often heard to invoke God’s mercy for the believers , and Muslims greet saying Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah (Peace and mercy of God be upon you. ) Mercy and all that it entails is a very important concept in Islam , as it contains the generosity , respect , tolerance and forgiveness , qualities which a Muslim is supposed to grow in this life .

As frail human beings , we often feel alone and lost in a world that seems devoid of mercy and it is in these moments that we must turn to God and seek His forgiveness and mercy. When we turn to Him in true submission Its tranquility descends upon us and we are able to feel the quality of mercy, and to see it manifest in the world around us . Merciful

The hand holding the hand in the dark is a reflection of God’s mercy , is also the kind word from a stranger, the rain that falls on the parched land and laughter in the eyes of a child. The mercy of God is the source of all that is good , sweet, or piles. God has allowed us to understand a certain degree of His Magnificence reveal their best names for us , has several that indicate His mercy and encouraged us to call him by those names.

Al- Rahman (the Most Merciful) , Al -Raheem (the Most Merciful) , al- Barr (the source of goodness ) , al- Karim ( the Most Generous ) , Al- Jawaad ​​( the Generous ) , Al- Ra’oof ( the Merciful ) , al- Wahhab ( giver ) .

” And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to God to ask him for them … ” ( Quran 7:180 )

We can call you by these names when we feel the need to give thanks for the many blessings God has bestowed on us , or in our hour of need. We implore the mercy of God more deeply when we are in need of comfort and safety. When the transience of this world seems to have made us helpless , the most powerful (God) always and forever will cover us with His goodness and ask in return only that we believe in Him and worship Him.

The Names of God – The Most Merciful

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