Mercy of God Prevails Over His Wrath

How manifests God’s mercy, and examples 
of the Prophet of mercy and his companions

” The willingness to forgive and not punish” is a definition that is often used for the word mercy , but what is mercy in Islam?

In Islam , mercy gave a deeper meaning which has created an essential aspect in the life of every Muslim , is rewarded by God to show . Wrath

The mercy of God which is given to all his creatures , you can see everything laid eyes on : the sun gives light and heat , and the air and water , which are essential for all life.

An entire chapter in the Quran is the name of the divine attribute of God or Ar – Rahman ” The Merciful . ” Also two of the attributes of God is derived from the word mercy. Son Ar – Rahman and Ar – Rahim , meaning ” The Merciful ” and ” the Merciful . ” These two attributes are mentioned in the phrase recited at the beginning of 113 chapters of the Qur’an : “In the name of God , the Compassionate , the Merciful “This sentence is a constant reminder to the reader of the infinite mercy of God . great benefits.Wrath

God assures us that whoever commits a sin shall be forgiven if they repent and stop this act , in which he says :

” Your Lord has inscribed for Himself ( the rule of ) mercy : verily, if any of you did evil in ignorance , then repented , and amended ( the behavior), what is Forgiving, Merciful ” ( Qur’an 06 : 54)

This verse is confirmed by the account of the prophet Muhammad , in which he said that God said :

” My mercy prevails over my wrath . “

Reward for kindness and compassion was also provided by the Prophet Muhammad :

” The merciful are shown mercy by the All-Merciful Mercy . For the earth , and whoever is in the heavens who show mercy ” (As- Suyuti ) . Wrath
A Prophet of Mercy

By the mercy of the Prophet Muhammad , it is best to first speak what God says about it :

“We have not sent save as a mercy to the worlds. ” ( Quran 21:107 )

… This ensures that Islam is based on mercy, and God sent the Prophet Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him , as a mercy for all creatures without exception.

God said in the Quran :

” Now you come to the apostle to the sufferer in order to receive any injury or difficulty application is full of believers is most compassionate and merciful ” ( Quran 9:128 )

These verses are clearly manifested in customs and transactions of the Prophet , because it was very difficult because of the message of God. The Prophet also was softer to lead his people , and every time they are used to hurt always asked God to forgive them their ignorance and cruelty. Wrath
The companions of the Prophet

In the description of the Companions of God says in the Quran :

“Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers , and merciful among themselves ” ( Qur’an 48:29 ) .

Some people may think it’s obvious that Muhammad be moral , because he is a prophet, but the Companions were ordinary people who have dedicated their lives to the obedience of Allah and His Prophet . For example , Abu Bakr As- Siddiq has devoted his entire fortune to buy slaves from their masters brutal and released by the love of God.

Clarify when the true concept of the mercy of his companions, the Prophet said that is not in his kindness to family and friends, but by the mercy and compassion for the general public , if you know or not. Wrath
A Mercy “Petite “

Among the traditions pre – Islamic were heartless offered his son as a sacrifice to the gods and burying girls alive . These acts against children were strictly forbidden by the Qur’an and Sunnah many times.

As the Prophet of mercy towards children , which was once the Imamate and grand son, Al- Hassan and Al- Hussein were still children playing and climbing on the back , so that the fear of her making bad if you have to endure the Prophet prolonged his prostration. On another occasion , the Prophet made ​​his prayers while using Umamah her ​​granddaughter.

The Prophet’s kindness not only accords to its own children, but also extends to the children playing in the street. As soon as they saw the Prophet , they ran to him and he would get everyone with a smile and open arms.

Even during prayer Prophet’s innate goodness was clear , as he said :

” (Sometimes ) Top sentence with the intention to renew it , but on hearing the cries of a child , shorten the prayer , because I know the child’s cry to incite the passions of his mother” ( Sahih al- Bukhari)

In many situations, the Prophet taught us how children should be raised in a loving , loving , and should not be beaten or wounded in the face , to avoid humiliation . When a man once saw the Prophet kissing his small son, who was surprised by the friendliness of the Prophet and said : ” I have ten children, but never kissed one of them. ” The Prophet replied :

“He who does not show mercy , no mercy would be shown to him” ( Sahih al- Bukhari)
Just a hair blow

When God says in the Quran orphans He says it means :

” Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness ” ( Qur’an 93:9 )

According to this verse was the way of the Prophet towards orphans , he said,

“I and the person who takes care of orphans and provides for him , I will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle finger together. ( Abu Dawud )

To make you feel appreciated and orphan who has lost the love of their parents , there are still people who are willing to love and care for him , the Prophet encouraged kindness saying that a person is rewarded for good deeds of hair caressing the head of an orphan .

The protection of the property of an orphan was clearly confirmed by God and His Prophet . For example , God says what means:

” Those who unjustly eat the property of orphans , eat fire into their own bodies : They will soon be experiencing a burning fire ” ( Qur’an 4:10) !

A prophetic saying also informs us that one of the seven major sins is devouring the property of orphans .

Mercy of God Prevails Over His Wrath

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  1. bwcarey says:

    forgiveness is hard to practice, but it requires practice, but once you get over the hump, inner freedom and a longing to love

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