Mercy of God Prevails Over His Wrath _ Could This Be War ?

Mercy in Islam extends to the enemy in times of war and peace , as the Prophet Muhammad used to encourage their peers to maintain family ties with relatives who were still disbelievers calling and giving gifts . God

As for war , Allah commands Muslims to grant refuge to the enemies you have to ask , and forbids anyone to harm them. This is stated in the Quran where God says what means: Mercy

” If one of the heathens We ask asylum , grant it so you can hear the word of God, and then escort you to where you can be safe. This is because they are men without knowledge” ( Quran 9:06 ) God

As the Prophet forbade his companions to affect the elderly , wounded , women, children and people in places of worship. Also prohibited the destruction of the fields. Degrading the corpses of the enemies was strictly forbidden and give them a quick burial was the respect commanded. War

The orders of the Prophet about the captives were strictly followed by his companions. In one of the stories of a battle joined us for a prisoner , he said he lived with a Muslim family after being captured . Whenever they had their food which is used to give preference only offering him bread while eating dates. God

When the Prophet , peace and blessings of God be upon him , entered Mecca victorious after defeating the Quraish , they were approached and asked  War

” What do you want me to treat you ? “

They replied, ” You are a noble brother and the son of a noble brother ! Hope nothing but goodness from you . ”

Then the Prophet said : “I speak in the same terms as Yusuf ( the Prophet Joseph ) spoke to his brothers : God

” I do not blame you that day , God will forgive you , He is the Most Merciful , the Most Merciful ” ( Quran 12:92 ) .

Go, for verily , you are free. “

That day, when you least expect tolerance and forgiveness , the Prophet gave the example of mercy and forgiveness for the release of all prisoners without ransom , and forgive them for the brutal persecution and torture Muslims , which lasted for the first 13 years of the message of Islam. God
All God’s creatures

The animals have not been ignored and have received many rights in Islam. For example , when the Prophet saw a donkey with a strong face, said :

“Have you not heard that cursed all those brands an animal on your face or that the strike in the face? ” ( Sahih Muslim) . God

The Prophet once said that the woman was sent to Hell because of a cat she imprisoned it , nor power , nor set it free to hunt their own food. On the other hand , the Prophet said : A man went to heaven for giving water to a dog in the desert panting with thirst.

The Prophet forbade that knives should be sharpened against animals before slaughter . Also banned the slaughter of an animal before another . This is clear in one of the prophetic sayings :

” God calls for mercy in everything, so be merciful when you kill and when you slaughter : Sharpen your blade to relieve its pain ” ( Sahih Al- Bukhari) . God

One of the partners related to this incident : When traveling with the Prophet , they found a bird with its young , so her mother took . The bird came and began to flap its wings, so the Prophet asked :

“Who has distressed this bird by taking its young ? Turn immediately ” ( Sahih Al- Bukhari) .

Animal rights were confirmed by the prophet, saying that anyone who has something like a life goal is cursed . Forcing animals to fight until the other Gores is also strictly prohibited to animals have feelings and that could define torture for them. God

The Islamic concept of mercy is holistic and emphasizes the interdependence of all creation to himself and the Creator . Mercy begins with God and is granted by it to any living creature. Animals and humans show each other mercy , to live in harmony with each other , and in turn, shows that mercy , were even more of God’s mercy . This vision of Islam encourages the elimination of barriers between people and the grounds on which they are based both in life and civilization. God

Mercy of God Prevails Over His Wrath _ Could This Be War ?

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