Can We See God ?

The question of whether God can be seen in this life by the holy prophets , and stayed on average , you can see in the afterlife.

The human mind is a marvel , but in some areas is limited. God is unlike anything the human mind can think or imagine , so that the mind gets confused if you try to imagine God. However, it is possible to understand the attributes of God that do not require to make mental images of him. For example , one of God’s names is al- Ghaffar , which means that He forgives all sins . Everyone can easily understand, because it is the way that the human mind can think of God . Jewish and Christian teachings about God are confused in part because of poor understanding of this topic. The Jewish Torah teaches that God is like man,

“And God said . ” Let us make man in our image , after our likeness … So God created man in his image ” ( Genesis 1:26-27 )

Also, some churches contain statues or images of a bearded old man representing God. Some of them were produced by people of Michelangelo represents the face and hand of God – an old man looking difficult – in the paintings .

Rendered images of God in Islam is an impossibility, and returns to unbelief , God tells us in the Quran that nothing like it :

“There is nothing like him, but he hears and sees everything. ” ( Quran 42:11 )

“There is nothing comparable to it. ” ( Quran 112:4 )
Moses’ request to see God

The eyes can not bear the sight of God. He tells us in the Quran :

“Vision can not grasp it , but its scope is all eyes. ” ( Quran 6:103 )

Moses, whom God spoke and gave great miracles , was chosen by God to be a prophet. It is said that he thought that since God used to speak to him , he might be able to actually see God. The story is in the Qur’an , where God tells us what happened :

” And when Moses came to our time and his Lord spoke to him, said : ” My Lord, show me ( yourself) I look . ” ( God ) said: ” You will not see me , but look at the mountain , if it should remain in place , then I ‘ll see But when his Lord appeared to the mountain , did that level, and Moses fell unconscious. . and when he woke he said : ” Glory to Thee , I repent of you , and I am the first of the believers . ” ( Quran 7:143 )

God made ​​it clear that no one , not even the great prophet Moses , can not stand the sight of God , because God is too big to be captured by the human eye in this life. According to the Qur’an , Moses made ​​his request was in error and , therefore , asked God for forgiveness for asking.
Did Prophet Muhammad see God in this life ?

Prophet Muhammad traveled on a miraculous journey through the sky and found God. People thought that since the Prophet Muhammad said to God on this trip, you probably saw God too. One of the companions , Abu Dahrr , asked about it . The Prophet replied :

” It was not just the light , how would I see ? ” ( Sahih Muslim)

What he saw was the light ? The Prophet said :

” Surely God does not sleep and is not suitable for him to sleep . He is reduced scales and students. Acts of the night before going to their events on the day and the earlier that night, and her veil is light . ” ( Sahih Muslim)
Visions of God in the spiritual experiences

Some people, including some who claim to be Muslims , reported spiritual experiences claiming to have seen God. Common experiences reported include also witness or a beautiful sitting on a throne. For Muslims , this experience is usually accompanied by a drop in basic Islamic practices as salah and fasting , in the mistaken belief that such practices are only for ordinary people who do not have his kind experience .

So what Islam teaches about it? Islam teaches us that it is Satan who claims to be God to deceive the ignorant who believe in those experiences and lost . One of the pillars of Islam is that the law revealed to Prophet Muhammad can not be changed or canceled . God is not legitimate for certain that He has made it illegal for others, and offer his law through these experiences to people. Instead , the law of God is revealed through the proper channel of revelation to prophets , a channel that was closed after the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad , the last prophet of God.
See God in the afterlife

In Islamic doctrine , God can not be seen in this life , but believers see God in the afterlife , even then , God does not enter into a whole. This is clearly expressed in the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Prophet said :

” The Day of Resurrection is the first day all Eyes Were Watching God , Almighty and Exalted. ” [ Darqutni , Darimi ]

In describing the events of the Day of Resurrection , Allah says in the Qur’an :

” On that day faces will be bright , looking at their Lord . ” ( Quran 75:22-23 )

He asked the Prophet if we see God on the Day of Resurrection. He replied, ” Are you hurt at the moon when it is full ? ” [ Sahih Al- Bukhari , Sahih Muslim] ” No, they said then, he said . ” Of course you will . ” In another hadith , the Prophet said : ” No doubt you all will see God the day I meet him , and there is no veil or translator between him and that ” [ Sahih . Al- Bukhari ] be a favor God , paradise besides the people who live there. As a matter of fact, the joy of seeing God for the believer is greater than all the joys of paradise all combined . nonbelievers , meanwhile , will be deprived of see God, and will be more difficult for them than all the pain and suffering of hell just combined .

Can We See God ?

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