Topic – The Style of the Quran

Quran The article discusses the major themes of the Qur’an , the issues discussed , the presentation style , and some comparisons with their own scriptures for Jewish and Christian readers . Style
What are the topics covered on the Koran ? It covers many topics.
topic Above all , it speaks of the unity of God and the way of life that is according to his will . Quran Other topics include religious doctrine of creation, criminal and civil , Judaism , Christianity , polytheism , social values , moral , history , stories of the prophets of the past, and science. Quran
The Koran calls the greatest examples of past human prophets and expressed great sacrifice to spread the message of God , the most important of them is Noah, Abraham , Moses and Jesus . The Qur’an specifies the means by which the disciples of the prophets, especially
topic Jews and Christians , have or have not responded to the prophetic messages .Quran It also examines the fate of the last nations to reject their prophets as Noah and Lot. topic Give instructions on how to live a life pleasing to God. It tells the people that they should pray, fast , and caring for the needy . Quran It addresses issues of human relationships , sometimes in great detail – such as the laws of inheritance and marriage – in a way that reminds the parties of the Hebrew Bible , but outside the New Testament. Quran The Quran tells people they must follow the instructions of God purely for the love of God, not worldly goals . topic He warns those who deny God’s messages to be thrown into the fire of hell , and promises to those who accept the messages that have the joy of Paradise. Quran

The Qur’an repeats its original number of stories biblical heritage , especially that of Moses ( mentioned by name more than any other person , followed by Pharaoh , his greatest enemy , which is the epitome of human evil Koran ) . Quran However, no sustained sort found in Exodus narrative . topic It has much to say about the moral and legal duties of believers, but contains nothing that the law of code that is the centerpiece of the book of Deuteronomy room. Quran Many Quranic passages could rightly be described as preaching, but where the voice of the preacher of the Gospel of Jesus during his ministry on earth , in the Qur’an God is still alive . Quran  Style

Furthermore, the Qur’an repeats some verses and themes sometimes moving objects , and often relates stories in abstract form . We see two reasons for this feature. topic First, it has a purpose and language is a powerful rhetorical techniques of classical Arabic . Style 
Second, all subjects of the Qur’an , however varied, are wound around a common thread throughout the book : that all kinds of worship rendered to God or elsewhere is wrong , and that obedience to Him and His prophets , Muhammad is one of them is a must. The Koran , unlike the Bible does not mention the genealogies , historical or minute historical details , but uses the events of the past and present to illustrate his central message . Quran 
So when the Quran speaks of the healing properties of honey or the life of Jesus , or the subject is an end in itself , but each is related in one way or another to the central message – the unity of God and unity the prophetic message. topic No matter what the issue is, it’s an opportunity to discuss the debate on this central issue.
Another important thing to keep in mind is that the Quran was revealed in one session , but was revealed in the regions over a period of 23 years .
Quran As in the previous scriptures , many passages were revealed in response to specific events. Often the Quranic revelation comes from the angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad as a response to the issues raised by those around him , whether believers or unbelievers. The Qur’an addresses people of the book ( a term used by the Quran to the Jews and Christians) , humanity as a whole , believers and finally addresses the Prophet himself , commanding what to do in certain situations or supporting and giving comfort to the ridicule and rejection. topic  Knowing the historical and social context , the statement said . Quran
Other notable features of the style of the Koran are: Style}}}

  1.  The use of parables to arouse the reader’s curiosity and explain profound truths .
  2.  More than two hundred passages begin with the word Qul Arabic – ‘ count’ – Addressing Prophet Muhammad said the following in response to a question, to explain a matter of faith , or to announce a judicial decision. Eg Quran
    ” Say: “People of the Book Do you disapprove of us for no other reason that we believe in God and the revelation that has come to us and that which came before (us), and because most of you are rebellious and disobedient ? ” ( Quran 5:59 )
  3.  In some passages of the Koran , God is solemnly wonderful creation to strengthen an argument or doubt in the mind of the listener,
    ” By the sun and its light,
    By the moon when it follows,
    the day appears,
    at night, when covered ,
    by heaven, and what has developed
    for land and which was extended
    by the soul and the proportions … ” ( Qur’an 91:1-7 )
    Sometimes God swears by himself:
    ” But no, by your Lord , they do not (really) believe until they make you (O Muhammad) judge concerning that wherein they discuss among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submit (full list) submission . ” ( Quran 4:65 )
  4.  Finally , the Qur’an has called the ” disjointed letters ” , composed of letters of the Arabic alphabet , which together have no meaning in the Arabic lexicon . Its meaning is known only to God . Quran Appear at the beginning of eight forty suras , and considering , each letter is pronounced and not the words that are , for example , the first verse of Surat – AlBaqarah appears Alif -Lam – Mim three Arabic alphabet letters pronounced individually . A stranger to the Quran you can find a little hard to read , especially at first, but if you keep these points in mind, you will become more accustomed to it, and indeed find that while s ‘ is a translation , is deep really incomparable to any other book.topic

Topic – The Style of the Quran

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