Essential Oils For Black Hair and Scalp Treatments

Essential Oils
Scalp Treatment With all the weaves, wigs and a general need to have a great healthy scalp , it has become increasingly important in the treatments available for dark hair and scalp.
If this is not in itself an article on nutrition and scalp , head, healthy hair begins with a scalp and healthy hair and scalp problems also respond well to a healthy diet. When eating habits improve , so will the condition of your hair and scalp .
Essential Oils

Oils and black hair treatments  Scalp Treatment
Suitable hair products are as important as what you eat and the essential oils are known to provide excellent antiseptic , anti fungal and antibacterial for scalp treatments for centuries.
Essential Oils
The most common hair problems and scalp for African Americans are dry hair , dandruff and hair loss . Hair treatments aromatherapy can help improve the condition of your hair and scalp stimulating circulation in the scalp and balance oil secretion .
Essential Oils
Dry hair tends to appear dull and lifeless . Your oil glands do not produce enough oil to lubricate the scalp . Also, curling irons, hair dryers , perms / relaxing and finishing products can contribute to dry hair.
Scalp Treatment
Essential oils can help improve conditions for dry hair . Some of the essential oils known to treat dry hair and scalp conditions cedar , lavender , rosemary , chamomile and sage.
Essential Oils

A good hot oil treatment for dry hair would be:Black Hair
1 ounce jojoba oil
An ounce of coconut oil
3 drops of cedar wood oil
3 drops of sage oil
3 drops of lavender oil

Dandruff is another challenge to the African American hair .Black Hair This can occur in both dry and oily scalp . Again, nutrition plays an important role in the scalp with dandruff is disputed. Often, those with dandruff have diets with high saturated fats and fried foods . Commercial shampoos containing coal tar harsher chemicals as active ingredients . Black Hair
Essential oils for dandruff scalp skin are dry hair : cedar wood, sage, bay leaf , lemon , patchouli , pine , rosemary and tea tree .
Essential Oils

For treatment of hot oil or conditioning treatment night :
2 ounces of jojoba oil
6 drops of tea tree oil 
Black Hair
4 drops of rosemary oil
3 drops of cedar wood oil
3 drops of pine oil

Hair loss can occur overtime in patches or across the scalp. Most cases of hair loss are related to aging , heredity and hormones. Too much oil can cause the buildup on the scalp and interfere with the growth of new hair. Essential Oils
Other causes of hair loss can include chemotherapy , diabetes , certain medications , smoking , poor diet , skin disorders and the ” stress ” to name a few.
Black Hair

Hair loss cannot be reversed , but you can often prevent further losses by reducing some of the contributing factors . Avoid stress as it is a plague. Be careful with hair products , can clog hair follicles and stop new hair growth . Essential Oils
Essential to slow hair loss and stimulate the scalp to promote growth oils are cedar wood , sage , rosemary and ylang ylang .

There’s nothing like a good massage oil hair and here’s one for you if you are challenged with dry hair : Black Hair
1 ounce jojoba oil
3 drops of sage oil
2 drops of cedar wood oil 
Essential Oils
A drop of rosemary oil

If your hair is oily your prescription would be: Essential Oils
8 ounces of pure grain alcohol or vodka
4 drops of sage oil
3 drops of cedar wood oil
3 drops of ylang ylang 
Black Hair
Remember to be careful when working with essential oils and never use aromatherapy purposes of isopropyl alcohol. Keep out of reach of children and do not use if you are pregnant .
Essential Oils

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