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Oils Use this  Dry Skin
 When it comes to skin health , ” fat ” is not often a word we use often. Of course , our natural skin oils , but too much of this oil can leave the face looking greasy , shiny and prone to acne. Too little , however , can result in scaly , dry, irritated skin – and for people who suffer from this type of dry skin, some oil may be just what the dermatologist ordered .Good 

The use of oil as a product of skin care is controversial : Doctors often recommend skin as it can clog pores and does not penetrate deeply into the skin, in the form of lotions and creams may, Cheryl Karcher , MD , a dermatologist in New York city .Oils And because these products are relatively new to the market , there are very few studies that confirm the anecdotal evidence of its benefits. For people with very dry skin , oils and herbal extracts , if often one of the few products that provide relief by creating a protective layer that blocks moisture. Good
 The key to success is the use of oils to find the right one for your skin, in the type of product. Maybe you like the way the oil sit on your body, but not in the face, for example. Oils Or maybe you do not like the feeling right oil or serum , but you can find a cream with essential oil extracts . Experiment with different settings until you find something that works for you, and uses the five following beneficial oils as a starting point .Dry Skin

 Grape seed oil  Good Oils
 As the name suggests , this oil comes from the seeds of pressed grapes , and is rich in antioxidants. Oils It is beneficial for all skin types , dry and flaky fat because it helps regulate the production of natural oils in the body. The grape seed oil is cheap and easy to find in supermarkets , and can be applied directly to the skin (a few drops at a time) to even skin tone and help prevent the signs of aging .Oils

Argan oil Good
This very expensive oil contains high levels of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory fatty acids and antioxidants , as its not degraded in the light of how others will, this is a good choice for daytime wear day. Made of argan fruit nuts grains , which can take nearly an hour to produce enough oil to create a small bottle .Oils If it was popular in Morocco for hundreds of years , is now more attention worldwide . Proponents of argan oil, the supermodel-turned- skincare -entrepreneur Josie Maran Argan oil say can be used to fight everything from dry, flaky skin with acne . A small 2 oz bottle of argan oil should cost about $ 50 ( even if you have only used a few drops at a time) , anything less expensive is probably full of additives that make them less effective . Good

Peppermint oil  Dry Skin Oils
 You can feel the warmth and tingling in the skin when applying sprays that contain peppermint oil , which comes from natural astringent properties that help clean clogged pores and control the production of natural oil skin. Good( For this reason, it may be helpful for people with both dry and oily skin . ) Peppermint Oil , like all essential oils , is very powerful in itself , and can irritate the skin if applied directly . Instead , add a few drops of a ” carrier oil ” such as almond oil or sweet olive , place a few drops in your bath or look for commercial products that already contain a mixture . Oils

 Carrot Seed Oil  Good
Carrots are also rich in antioxidants , especially the powerful cancer-fighting beta- carotene. This is also true for plant seeds of wild carrot (also known as Queen Anne’s lace ) , who are willing to create this common ingredient in skin care .Oils The carrot seed oil can help reduce inflammation in the skin dry and irritated , and can even help to combat precancerous skin lesions on exposed skin to too much sun. For this reason, carrot seed oil is often added to sunscreen and anti-aging creams and serums. Oils

 olive oil   Good
 This basic kitchen also has a place in the care of the skin, but should be saved for people with very dry skin , says Miami-based dermatologist Leslie Baumann , MD . Oils Olive oil is moisturizing , full of nutrients and fatty acids, and may even protect against skin cancer , according to a Japanese study in mice .Oils Consider smearing olive oil on dry hands and feet before going to bed ( wear gloves and socks to protect your sheets) , or adding a few tablespoons of water in the bathroom of soup. Search the term ” cold pressed” on the bottle , which means that the oil is not exposed to high temperatures can destroy or modify their antioxidant content . Good Oils

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