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Essential oils are a source of great pleasure that one feels a beautiful fragrance was trapped in a bottle . hairEssential oils may be extracted from a wide range of plants (flowers, seeds , leaves, bark) It evaporates easily (volatile) and usually have a strong smell ( to flavor oil base ) . Because essential oils are highly concentrated in flavor and are volatile, they are in most cases , diluted in a carrier oil . A carrier oil essentially ‘gate’ of the essential oil to the skin or hair. A suitable carrier oil will have little or no odor of its own , such as jojoba oil , sunflower oil , grape seed oil , sweet almond oil , etc. Instead of using a carrier oil in the hair care shampoo is added essential oil . Health

Each essential oil has its own distinct flavor and some of you may like , some may not. However, essential oils should enjoy functions beyond perfume! Here are four reasons to consider in your routine :hair

1)  Support Hair Growth
A mixture of thyme oil, rosemary , lavender and cedar in a carrier oil has been shown to improve hair growth in some patients suffering hair loss ( 19 of 43 showed improvement regrowth – Arch Derm , pp2349 -1352 , 1998 ) . This is not accelerated hair growth , but rather support the regeneration of hair. For faster growth , a study in mice showed that Jujuba oil (also known as jojoba oil or red day ) stimulated the rapid growth of the minimum order of 1 to 1.5 mm per month compared to no use of essential oil. As this is a study in mice , there is evidence that the same work in humans.

2)  Antifungal and antibacterial  Health
Some oils are known to be active against ringworm and cannot be considered as an antifungal. Spices and herbal oils appear to be most effective in this role. Examples include oil , cinnamon, fennel oil , citronella oil , basil wild cherry oil Brazilian (mycosis , pp 333-336 , 1993). Basil , thyme , oregano , rosemary , are known to have antibacterial activity of clove oil and sage.

Tea tree oil to create a special mention in this category, as it has a very wide repertoire including anti fungal , antibacterial and even some antiviral activity . Furthermore , it is known to reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory ) is useful as a treatment for skin (Clin Microbiol Rev , pp 50-62 , 2006). hair

3)  Physical sensations  Health
Some essential oils can induce a physical effect . Peppermint oil , for example , induces a tingling sensation on the skin or scalp if hair care . Although it is wide and erroneously reported that tingling is related to follicle stimulating (no evidence of it yet ) , which can be a nice feeling for some. Ylang ylang is known to increase the temperature of the skin, some of which may experience a sensation of heat ( Phytotherapy Research , pp. 758-763 , 2006).

4)  fragrance
Aromatherapy is a word of explanation , rather , with an aroma induce a therapeutic effect. Scientifically , fragrances such as lavender and rosemary oil are known to have positive effects on mood, which is a great advantage if you have serious unravel before . Lavender oil is considered to relax while rosemary has been linked to improved surveillance (International Journal of Neuroscience , pp. 217-24 , 1998 ) . Mint and eucalyptus are also considered relaxing ( headache, pp. 228 to 234.1994 ) . This list is based on those that have been studied scientifically , no harm to use an oil with the scent that you like for example , vanilla , orange peel , rose oil, etc.

NOTE : Some people are allergic to essential oils during pregnancy , does not recommend some essential oils . Health

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