Fix These 7 Moisturizing Mistakes

Think you do not need a moisturizer ? Or that you know all the ins and outs of skin hydration ? Surveys show that the moisturizer is largely underused in dermatology patients , probably due to lack of information about the product [ Med scape ] .fix So before you get a gold star for their skills and techniques moisturizer , read on to find out if you are one of the common mistakes moisturizer.

1) Do not use a moisturizer  fix

A face hydrated prepares your skin to tolerate potentially irritating products , says Deirdre Hooper, MD , dermatologist dermatology at New Orleans Audubon . ” Also, a wet face is softer , more reflective light and younger.” Moisturizing

Some people think you do not need moisturizer, especially if you have oily skin , and this is not true . When the skin, even oily skin , dry skin prompts the body to produce more oil and moisture . And since oily skin is most often in the T-zone ( forehead, nose and chin) , the skin of the cheeks may become dry and flaky. All adults should use a moisturizer , she said, and should be for those with an SPF of 15 or higher .fix And if you forget to apply moisturizer , one day , use the next day or use olive oil on your face as a quick replacement .Moisturizing

2) Moisturizing rub hard .Mistakes

Applying moisturizer is an art by some dermatologists . You must be careful not to simply rub moisturizer on the face. ” I recommend to apply the cream on the eyelids with your ring finger because it is the weakest finger , and you will be smoother. Eyelid skin is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face .fix This is for cleaning this region. better to cleanse and moisturize gently and never rub , so that your skin stays healthy , smooth and radiant.Moisturizing

3) You are choosing the wrong ingredient ( s ) to your skin type .Mistakes

Understanding your skin type , which may require a discussion with your dermatologist . It’s easy to be swayed by marketing and packaging that promises flawless skin for all types , but your skin type determines the ingredients of the moisturizer .fix For example , a person with sensitive skin will want to avoid perfumes. And for a person with dry skin will want an occlusive moisturizer oil-rich ingredients such as oil, a person with oily skin will want to avoid these products. Consult your dermis to get a better understanding of your skin type , follow your doctor’s recommendations for the best products to use , and be prepared for a little trial and error.Moisturizing

4) You have an overload on products.Mistakes

You can use a cleanser in the morning, then use a toner cartridge , and then apply a moisturizer with SPF , followed by a liquid foundation with SPF benefits and anti – aging.fix Chances are you do not need all these products. Search multi -tasking products that moisturize and provide anti -aging or anti – acne your skin needs . If you wear makeup , you can experiment with BB creams ( creams or beauty imperfections ) that can moisturize the skin, even skin tone , treating the skin with anti -aging ingredients and antioxidants and other anti -aging ingredients , and provide a wide spectrum of SPF .Moisturizing

5) Use the same moisturizer since high school .fix

Brand loyalty can not help your complexion . Several changes in your body may alter the effectiveness of moisturizer you use. Whether hormones , diet , age or weather may affect moisturizer you need, says Dr. Hooper . Talk to your dermatologist about the physical changes in your body , diet, lifestyle or his annual checkup to see if they recommend moisturizing exchange .Moisturizing

And do not forget that in the search for changes in odor , color and texture of the moisturizer that is a sign of the components in it have changed and it may have expired. A good rule of thumb is to replace the bottle in the year of the opening to ensure that aid has not expired moisturizer .Mistakes

6) The use of a moisturizer to reduce puffiness under the eyes.Moisturizing

You can count on eye cream in the morning to reduce eye puffiness , but it could be causing your eyes to look even more bloated . This may seem counter -intuitive, but moisturizing ingredients can retain water in the skin , so moisturizers and eye creams can make your eyes look even more bloated . Apply a cold pack or ice pack for 10-15 minutes if the skin around the eyes is swollen, but not red, irritated or itchy .fix Instead , try a light gel that contains caffeine, which has anti – inflammatory properties . And if your eye area with itching , swelling , redness or irritation , consult your dermatologist may have an allergic reaction . Moisturizing
7) Applying foundation without giving time for the moisturizer to dry.Mistakes

When you’re short on time in the morning , you can tap the moisturizer and then apply foundation quickly and the rest of your makeup routine to have your 10 minutes and you’re looking good , right? The problem with this speed is that the softness of the moisturizer can cause makeup to clarify if you have not had time to penetrate the skin . The result can be blotchy skin and the lack of coverage of your foundation. The solution only requires a little patience . Give a moisturizer minutes to be absorbed , or , if you are really annoyed this morning , wipe your face with a tissue after hydration , then apply foundation .Moisturizing

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