U.K. journalist – imprisoned in Taliban Afghanistan converted to Islam

Quoting Yvonne Ridley Taliban
YVONNE RIDLEY , journalist, United Kingdom Islam
A former journalist imprisoned in Taliban Afghanistan , Yvonne Ridley told the BBC her encounter with Islam and he did convert.

If you were interviewed by the Taliban as a suspected U.S. spy , it might be hard to imagine a happy ending.Islam
But for journalist Yvonne Ridley , the test in Afghanistan led to convert to a religion that says is ” great family and the best in the world .”Taliban

The first Sunday school drinker converted to Islam after reading the Quran in his release.

Now radical Shiite describes Abu Hamza al- Masri as ” quite sweet really ” and said the Taliban have suffered unfair press .Islam

Working as a journalist for the Sunday Express in September 2001, Ridley was taken from Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan.

However, its coverage was blown when she fell off her ass in front of a Taliban soldier near Jalalabad , revealing a camera prohibited under the dress.Islam

I first thought that the angry young ran to her ?Taliban

” Wow – you’re beautiful ,” he said .Islam
“I had amazing green eyes that are unique to this region of Afghanistan and a beard of life.

” But the fear quickly took over. Still see it on my way to Pakistan after my release , and he waved from the car. “

Ridley was interrogated for 10 days without being allowed a phone call, and missed the ninth anniversary of his daughter Daisy.Islam

Taliban Ridley said : ” I could not stand what they did or thought , but have been demonized beyond recognition , because you can not drop bombs on nice people.”Islam

It has been suggested that 46 years is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome , in which hijackers take hostages party .

But she said : “I was horrible to my captors . Spit on them and was rude and refused to eat . Was not until I was released I became interested in Islam .”

” KNICKERS Flappy “

Indeed , the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban called when Ridley refused to take his underwear below the washing line the prison , which was for the quarter- soldier.

” He said, ‘ Look, if you see these things , have impure thoughts.” Islam

” Afghanistan is about to be bombed by the richest countries in the world and they were worried about was my big flappy , panties, black .

” I realized that the United States did not bomb the Taliban – only fly in a regiment of women shaking their clothes and they all leave .”

Once she was back in the UK , Ridley turned to the Koran as part of its attempt to understand their experience.

” I was impressed by what I was reading – not a dot or squiggle had changed in 1400 years .

” I joined what I consider to be the biggest and the best family in the world . When we stick together we are absolutely invincible. “

What the Church of England in the county of Durham families make their new family?

“Initially, the reaction of my family and friends is a horror, but now everyone can see what happier , healthier and I am satisfied .Islam

” And my mother is happy , I stopped drinking . “

What Ridley feel about the place of women in Islam?

” There are oppressed women in Muslim countries , but you can take the streets of Tyneside and show you oppressed women there.

” Oppression is cultural, not Islamic . Koran , it is clear that women are equal. “

And his new Muslim dress is empowering , says .Islam

“How liberating to be judged by your mind and not the size of your bust or leg length . “

A single mother who has been married three times , she said Islam allowed him to release anxiety about her love life.

“I do not sit and wait for the phone to ring for a man and I have advocated for months.

“I have no man pressure . For the first time since my teens , I have that pressure to have a boyfriend or husband.”Islam

But there was a phone call from at least one male admirer – north London preacher Abu Hamza al- Masri .

” He said,” Sister Yvonne , welcome to Islam , congratulations.

” I explained that I had not made my final vows and said : ” Do not be pressured or pushed , the whole community is at your disposal if you need help , call one of the sisters .


“I thought, I can not believe it’s fire and brimstone Finsbury Park mosque cleric and it’s really very sweet .

“I was about to hang up when he said” . But one thing I want to remember tomorrow, if you have an accident and dies, goes directly to hell fire. “

” I was so scared that I had a copy of the cards in my purse until my final conversion in June. “

And the hardest part of your new life ?Islam

“Praying five times a day . And I’m still struggling to quit smoking.” [1]


[1] Yvonne Ridley: From captive to convert. BBC News Online. 2004/09/21 (http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/uk_news/england/3673730.stm)

U.K. journalist – imprisoned in Taliban Afghanistan converted to Islam

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