A former British Catholic Priest accepts Islam after reading the Quran and its interactions with Muslims.


A former British Catholic Priest accepts Islam after reading the Quran and its interactions with Muslims.Catholic Priest

” Strongest among men hostile to the believers are the Jews and Pagans , and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt will find those who say” We are Christians ” : because amongst them these are men devoted to learning ( priests) , and men who have renounced the world ( monks ), and they are not arrogant . then listen to the revelation received by the Messenger , thou wilt see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth : they pray : . ” Lord ! We believe , write us among the witnesses .”( Surat Al- Maida 82-83)”

This was the case of the former British Catholic Priest Idris Tawfiq to recite the holy book of Islam , the Koran, students at a school in Britain. And it was one of the important steps in his conversion to Islam.Catholic Priest

In a recent lecture at the British Council in Cairo , Tawfiq clear that he does not regret his past and what is related to what Christians and your life in the Vatican for five years.Muslims

“I liked being a priest to help people for a couple of years. Yet in the end, was not happy and felt that something was wrong . Fortunately , and this is the will of God Some events and coincidences in my life has led to Islam, “said a packed house at the British Council.Islam

A second significant coincidence for Tawfiq was his decision to leave his job at the Vatican , a step followed by a trip to Egypt .Catholic Priest

“I used to think of Egypt as the land of the pyramids , camels , sand and palm trees. Actually , I took a charter flight to Hurghada .Muslims

Surprised to find similar to some of Europe’s beaches , I took the first bus to Cairo , where I spent the best week of my life.Islam

This was my first introduction to Islam and Muslims. I realized how the Egyptians are sweets , sweets , but also very strong.

“Like all Brits , my knowledge about Muslims at that time was no more than what I heard from the TV about suicide bombers and fighters , which gave the impression that Islam is a religion of disorders. No But entering Cairo, discovered the beauty of this religion . ‘s very simple people who sell products on the street abandoned their trade and direct his face to God and pray to hear the call to prayer from the mosque. they have a large faith in the presence and will of Allah . pray , fast , help the needy and the dream of a trip to Mecca with the hope of life in heaven after death , “he said .Catholic Priest

” On my return , I took my old job of teaching religion . The only compulsory subject in British education is religious studies. Was teaching about Christianity , Islam , Judaism , Buddhism and others. Thus all days had read about these religions to teach my lessons to students , many of whom were refugees from Arab Muslims . in other words , the teaching of Islam m has learned a lot .Muslims

“Unlike many troubled teens , these students a good example of what could be a Muslim. Were polite and friendly . Thus developed a friendship between us and asked if he could use my kind of prayers during the fasting month of Ramadan.Islam

” Fortunately , my room was the only one with a carpet. So I ‘m used to sitting in the back , watching the prayer for a month. Tried to encourage them by fasting during Ramadan with them, even if I was not even Muslim .Catholic Priest

“Once , while reciting a translation of the Koran in class I reached the verse :

” And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger , thou wilt see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth .”Muslims

To my surprise , I felt tears in my eyes and I struggled to hide the students. “

The earth trembles EVENT

A turning point in his life , however , came in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States September 11, 2001 .Islam
“The next day I took the subway and I realized how people were terrified . Was also afraid of the repetition of such acts in Britain. At that time , people in the West have begun to fear terrorism blamed religion .

“However, my previous experience with Muslims led me to a different direction , I began to ask myself . ” Why Islam Why blame Islam as a religion by the actions of terrorists who were ? be Muslims when no one accused Christianity of terrorism when some Christians have acted the same way?Muslims

” One day, I went to the largest mosque in London, learn more about this religion . Entering London Central Mosque , there was Yusuf Islam , the former pop singer , sitting in a circle the word to people about Islam. After a while , I found myself asking : ” what really makes to become Muslim? “

” He said that the Muslim must believe in one God , pray five times a day and fasting during Ramadan. Thought I stopped saying that and I even fasted in Ramadan. So he asked ” What you waiting What you back ‘ I said, ‘ no, I have no intention of turning ? ” .Muslims

“At this point , the call to prayer was made and everyone was prepared and went online to pray.

“I sat in the back , and I cried and cried So I said to myself . ” Who am I trying to fool?

“Having finished his prayers , I went to Yusuf Islam , asking him to give me the words that I announce my conversion.Islam

” After explaining its meaning to me in English , I recited after him in Arabic that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ” , told Tawfiq , holding back tears .


Thus, his life took a different course. Living in Egypt, Tawfiq has written a book on the principles of Islam .

In explaining why he wrote his book Gardens of Delight : a simple introduction to Islam , Tawfiq noted that everyone says that Islam is not a religion of terrorism and is not a religion of hate , but it is not to explain what is .

” So I decided to write this book to give non-Muslims an idea about the basic principles of Islam. Tried to tell people how beautiful Islam is that Islam has the most extraordinary treasures the most important love are the other Muslim , the Prophet said . “Even a smile to your brother is a charity .

Tawfiq told the Gazette he is working on a book about the Prophet Muhammad [ may the blessing and mercy of God be upon him ] that he thinks will be different from many books already written on it.

He believes that ” the best and fastest way ” to share with the world the true picture of Islam is a good example of real life.

A former British Catholic Priest accepts Islam after reading the Quran and its interactions with Muslims.

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