The urpose and function of the prophets , the nature of the message he brought to humanity , and the emphasis they were mere humans without divine attributes.BELIEF

The belief in some prophets that God chose to convey his message to men is an article of Islamic faith required .

” The Prophet ( Muhammad ) believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord ( and do) the believers . Everybody believes in God , His angels , His books and His prophets . ( Say ) : ” We do distinction between any of His prophets … ” ( Quran 2:285 )

God sends his message and tells his will through the prophets of man. They form a link between the beings of the earth and the heavens, in the sense that God chose to deliver his message to humans. There are no other channels to receive divine communications . It is the communication system between the Creator and the creature. God does not send angels to each individual, and opens up the sky so that people can go to receive the message. Your mode of communication is through human prophets who receive the message of the angels.BELIEF

Having faith in the prophets (or messengers ) is to firmly believe that God chose men of integrity to convey your message and send it to mankind. Blessed are those who followed, and unhappy are those who refused to obey. Faithfully carried the message , without hiding , change or corrupt . Rejection of a prophet who rejects sent him , and disobeying a prophet whoever disobeys ordered to obey .BELIEF

God sent a prophet to every nation , foremost among them , calling to worship God alone and avoid false gods.

” And doing (O Muhammad ) those of our prophets We sent before you: ” never named gods to be worshiped besides the Most Merciful (God) ” ( Quran 43:45 ) ?

Muslims believe in the prophets mentioned by name in Islamic sources , such as Adam, Noah , Abraham , Isaac , Ishmael, David , Solomon , Moses, Jesus and Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him , just to name few. A general belief in which is not mentioned by name, as God says:

” Certainly we sent prophets before (O Muhammad ) , some of them told us their story to you , and some we have not related to you their story … ” ( Quran 40:78 )

Muslims firmly believe the last prophet was the Prophet of Islam , Muhammad , and there will be no prophet or messenger after him.BELIEF

To appreciate this , one must understand that the teachings of the last prophet are preserved in the original language in primary sources . No need for another prophet . In the case of the ancient prophets and their writings are lost or the message has been corrupted to the point that it was difficult to distinguish the true from the false. The message of the Prophet Muhammad is clear and preserved and will remain so until the end of time.

THE GOAL sends prophets

We can identify the following main reasons for sending prophets

( 1) to guide mankind to the worship of created beings to worship their Creator , to be in a state of servitude to create the freedom to worship their Lord.BELIEF

( 2) Specify humanity with the purpose of creation : the worship of God and obey his commandments , and to specify that this life is a test for each individual test, the results will decide the type of a leader ‘s life after death , a life of eternal misery and eternal happiness. No other way decided to find the true purpose of creation.

( 3) This is humanity on the path that leads to Paradise and Hellfire salvation .

(4 ) establish proof against mankind by sending prophets , so that people will have no excuse when they will be questioned on the Day of Judgment. They can not claim ignorance of the purpose of creation and life after death .

( 5 ) The truth about the “world ” invisible that exists beyond the normal senses and the physical world , and the knowledge of God, the existence of angels and reality of the Day of Judgment.

(6 ) Provision humans examples of moral conduct a fair goal-oriented life free of doubt and confusion. Naturally , humans admire human beings , so that the best examples of justice for human beings to imitate are those of the prophets of God.

(7 ) the purification of the soul of materialism , sin and lack of care.

(8 ) Transportation humanity the teachings of God , which is in its own interest in this life and the hereafter.

your message

The most important message of all prophets to their people went to worship God alone and no one else and follow his teachings . Each of them , Noah, Abraham , Isaac , Ishmael, Moses, Aaron , David , Solomon , Jesus , Muhammad and others, and we do not know – invited people to worship God and to refrain from false gods .

Moses said : ” Hear, O Israel : the Lord our God is one Lord . ” (Deuteronomy 6:04 ) .

This was repeated 1500 years later by Jesus when he said : ” The first commandment of all is : ” Hear, O Israel . Lord our God is one Lord ” ( Mark 12:29 ) .

Finally , the call of Muhammad some 600 years later , echoed through the hills of Mecca :

” And your God is one God: there is no god but He … ” ( Quran 2:163 )

The Holy Quran clearly states:

” And indeed all Messengers before (O Muhammad ) have revealed , but he ( saying) : ” nobody has the right to be worshiped but , so worship Me . ” ( Quran 21:25 )


God chose the best among men to deliver their message . The prophecy was not earned or acquired as higher education . God chooses whom He will to this effect.

They were the best in manners and were mentally and physically fit , protected by God from falling into the Cardinals, the great sins . They are wrong or make mistakes in carrying the message. They were more than one hundred thousand prophets sent to all mankind , all nations and races in all corners of the world. Some prophets were superior to others. The best of them were Noah , Abraham , Moses, Jesus and Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him .

People went to the extreme with the prophets . They were rejected and accused of being witches , madmen , and liars. Others became gods , giving them divine powers , or declared to be his children , like what happened to Jesus .

Actually , they were not fully human or divine attributes of power. They were slaves to worship God . They ate , drank, slept and lived normal lives. They do not have the power to make anyone accept your message or to forgive sins . His knowledge of the future was limited to what God has revealed. They had no role in the management of the affairs of the universe.

In the infinite mercy and love of God , He sent prophets to mankind to guide them to what is best . Sent an example for humanity to follow, and if we follow his example, living a life according to the will of God , to win her love and fun


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