BELIEF IN GOD – Belief in His existence and His Supreme Lordship

The first two aspects about what belief in God means, namely, belief in His existence and belief in His Supreme Lordship.

Belief in God in Islam consists of four matters:

(I) Belief in God’s existence.

(II) God is the Supreme Lord.

(III) God Alone is entitled to worship.

(IV) God is known by His Most Beautiful Names and Attributes.


The existence of God does not require proof with scientific arguments , mathematical or philosophical . Their existence is not a “discovery ” was made by the scientific method , or a mathematical theorem to prove . In short , common sense indicates that the existence of God. On the boat we learned that the shipbuilder , the cosmos , we learned of his Creator . The existence of God is also known for the answers to prayers , miracles of the prophets and of education in all revealed scriptures .Lordship

In Islam , the human being is not considered sinful creature to whom the message is sent from heaven to heal the wound of original sin, but as a being that still bears his nature ( al- fitrah ) primary an imprint of your soul that is deeply buried under layers of neglect. Human beings are not born sinners , but forgetful, as God said :

? ” … Am I not your Lord They said,” Yes , we testify … ” ( Quran 7:172 )

In this verse , ” they” refers to all human beings , men and women. The “yes ” confirms the affirmation of the oneness of God within us, in our state precosmic . Islamic doctrine recognizes that men and women still carry the echo of “yes ” the bottom of their souls . The call of Islam goes to the primordial nature , pronounced “yes ” despite living on earth before . Knowing that this universe has a Creator is instinctive in Islam and therefore does not require proof . Scientists, like Andrew Newberg and Eugene D’ Aquili , both affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and pioneers in neurological research of religion , saying : ” We are programmed to God. ” [1 ]

The Qur’an asks rhetorically :Lordship
” … Can there be any doubt about God , the Creator of heaven and earth … ” ( Quran 14:10)

One might ask : ” If belief in God is natural , why do some people have this belief ? ” The answer is simple. Every human being has an innate belief in a Creator , but this belief is not the result of learning or staff deductive thinking . Over time , external influences make this innate belief and confuse the person therefore , their environment and the veil of the primary to the true nature of the Prophet of Islam , God all the praise, said .. :

” Every child is born in a state of fitrah ( natural belief in God ), then his parents make him a Jew , a Christian or a magician. ” ( Sahih Muslim)

Often , these candles are raised when a human being is facing a spiritual crisis and left helpless and vulnerable.

( II ) God is the Supreme Lord
God is the only Lord of heaven and earth . He is the Lord of the physical universe and human life legislator . He is the Lord of the physical world and loving entrepreneurs . God is the Lord of every man, woman and child. Historically , only a few have denied the existence of God , which means that people of all ages have , for the most part , they believed in one God , a Supreme Being , supernatural creator . God is the Lord specifically contains the following meanings :Lordship

First, God is the only Lord and Master of the physical world . Lord means that He is the Creator , the driver and the owner of the kingdom of heaven and earth, belong exclusively to him . Just brought existence of non -existence, and all existence depends on it for its preservation and expansion . He did not create the universe and let him go his own way according to fixed laws , then ceases to have interest. The power of the living God is necessary at all times to support all creatures. As there is no love more than him.Lordship

” Say (O Muhammad ) : ” Who gives you sustenance from heaven and earth or that controls hearing and sight and who brings out the living from the dead and the dead from the living , and who has business “? They say, ” God said . ” Do not be afraid of God’s punishment ( for setting up rivals with Him )” ( Quran 10:31)

He is the king and always will be the Savior, the God of love , full of wisdom . No one can change their decisions. Angels, prophets , humans and the animal and plant kingdoms under their control .Lordship

Second, God is the only Lord of the affairs of men . God is the Supreme Legislator , [ 2] the absolute judge , legislator, and he knows good and evil . Like the physical world submits to his Lord , human beings must submit to the moral and religious education of their Lord , the Lord who puts the problem right for them. In other words, only God has the power to make laws , determine acts of worship , decide morals , and establish standards of human behavior and interaction . It is the command:Lordship

” … No doubt , his is the creation and commandment Blessed be God, the Lord of the Worlds . ” ( Quran 7:54 )



[1 ] ” Why God will not go away . ” Science and the Biology of Belief , p . 107.

[2 ] the existence of God is revealed by the existence of a supreme Lawgiver is called the argument of “ethics ” of Western theologians .

BELIEF IN GOD – Belief in His existence and His Supreme Lordship

Belief, God, Lordship

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