Belief in Divine Decree

Often mistaken belief of predestination , and the relationship between knowledge and the capacity for action of man and God ‘s eternal destiny .Belief

The sixth and final article of the Islamic faith is belief in the divine decree which means that everything good or bad , every moment of joy or sorrow , pleasure or pain , comes from God.

First, God’s foreknowledge is infallible . God is not indifferent to this world and its people. It is wise and loving , but this should not make us give fatalistic and say “what’s the point of making no effort ? ‘s Foreknowledge of God does not commit human responsibility. God holds us accountable for what we do , what is our capacity, but does not make us responsible for things we can not do. ‘s fair and , as he gave us limited responsibility for what we judge . we think, plan and make good choices , but sometimes things do not go our way , no lose hope or depressed. we must pray to God and try again . If the end still do not achieve what we wanted, we know we’ve done everything possible and are not responsible for the results .Belief

God knows what that will do to the creatures , covering all their knowledge . He knows all that is in entirety and all under his eternal prescience .

“Truly, nothing is hidden from God , on earth or in heaven . ” ( Quran 3:05 )

Whoever rejects this rejects God’s perfection , because the opposite of knowledge is ignorance or forgetfulness . This would mean that God was mistaken in his foreknowledge of future events, it would not be omniscient . Both are deficiencies that God is free to do so . Belief
Second, God saw everything that will happen until the day of trial in the Preserved Tablet ( al- al- Lauh Mahfouz in Arabic) . The lives of all human beings are written and quantity of food distributed . All that is created or produced in the universe is consistent with what is recorded there. God said :

” Do not you know that God knows ( all) that is in the heavens and the earth is ( all) in record time . Certainly not easy for God . ” ( Quran 22:70 )

Third, all that God wants to happen happens, and what God is not going to happen. Nothing happens in heaven and on earth without God.

Fourth, God is the Creator of all things .Decree

” … He has created all things, and ordered a measure . ” ( Qur’an 25:2 )

In Islamic doctrine every human act , both material and spiritual life is predestined , but it is a mistake to believe that the action of fate is blind , arbitrary and unforgiving. Without denying the divine intervention in human affairs , human freedom remains intact . This does not exclude the principle of freedom and moral responsibility of man. That says it all , but also gives you the freedom .Belief

Man is not a helpless creature driven by fate. Instead , each person is responsible for his actions . Nations individuals lethargic and sluggish ordinary affairs of life are to blame , not God . Man is bound to obey the moral law, and he will receive a reward or a punishment because it violates or observes that the right won . However, if this is so , man must have in their possession the ability to break or keep the law. God does not take responsibility for something if we were able to do:

“God does not charge more than what human can withstand . ” ( Quran 2:286 )

The belief in the divine decree reinforces his belief in God. A person realizes that God controls everything alone , so that you trust and depend on him . Even if a person does everything possible while trusting God for the outcome. Your hard work or intelligence does not arrogant, because God is the source of everything that crosses their path. Finally , a person attains peace of mind in the knowledge that God is wise and actions are dictated by wisdom. Things happen for a purpose. If anything happened to him, he realizes that he could never escape. If anything is missing , he realizes that he never would be. A man with an inner peace in the rest of this realization.Decree

Belief in Divine Decree

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