In common folklore , angels are considered good forces of nature , holographic images , or illusions . Western iconography sometimes depicts angels angelic fat babies or young men and beautiful women with a halo around his head . In Islamic doctrine , are real created beings who eventually suffer death , but are generally inaccessible to our senses .BELIEF

They are not divine or semi – divine , and are not associated with the operation of the various districts in God ‘s universe. Moreover, there are objects of worship or prayer , they do not meet our prayers to God . All submit to God and carry out his orders.

In the Islamic worldview , no fallen angels : not divided into “good” and “bad ” angels. Humans do not become angels after death . Satan is a fallen angel, but is one of the jinn , a creation of God parallel to human beings and angels.

The angels were created from light before the creation of human beings , and therefore their graphic or symbolic representation in Islamic art is rare. However, they are generally beautiful beings with wings as described in Muslim scripture .BELIEF

Angels form different cosmic hierarchies and orders in the sense that they are different in size, location and merit.

The largest of these is Gabriel . The Prophet of Islam , was actually seen in its original form . In addition, agents of God’s throne are among the greatest angels. They like to believe and ask God to forgive their sins. They bear the Throne of God , the Prophet Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him, said:BELIEF

“I have received permission to speak with one of God’s angels who carry the Throne . The distance between the earlobes and shoulders is equivalent to 700 years. ” ( Abu Dawud )

They do not eat or drink . The angels are bored or tired of worshiping God :

” Glorify Him night and day, and never let go . ” ( Quran 21:20)


How many angels are there? Only God knows. The house is a very popular sacred heavenly sanctuary above the Kaaba , the black cube in the city of Mecca. Every day seventy thousand angels visit it and leave , but never come back again, followed by another group. [1]


Muslims believe in specific angels mentioned in Islamic sources as Jibril (Gabriel ) , Mika’eel (Michael ) Israfil , Malik – the guard of hell , and others. Of these, only Gabriel and Michael are mentioned in the Bible.BELIEF


The angels have great powers given by God. They can take different forms. The Muslim scripture describes how , at the time of the conception of Jesus , God sent Gabriel to Mary in the form of a man :

” … Then we sent Our angel, and he appeared before her as a man in all respects.”(Quran19:17)

Angels also visited Abraham in human form. Similarly, the angels came to Lot to offer in the form of beautiful endangered youth. Gabriel used to visit Prophet Muhammad in different ways. Sometimes , it seems, as one of his best pupils , and sometimes in the form of a desert Bedouin .BELIEF

Angels have the ability to take human forms in certain circumstances relating to the common people.

Gabriel is the heavenly messenger of God to humanity. It transmits the revelation of God to His human messengers . God says :

“Say : Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel – it brings down the ( revelation ) to your heart for God … ” ( Quran 2:97 )

TASKS angels

Some angels are in charge of the execution of the law of God in the physical world . Michael is responsible for the rain , the direction God wants. It has wizards to help the Lord’s command , who will direct the winds and clouds, as God wants . Another is responsible for blowing the horn, which is blown by Israfil at the beginning of the Day of Judgment. Others are responsible for taking the souls of the body at the time of death : the Angel of Death and his assistants. God says :

” Say the Angel of Death , put in charge of you, will (duly ) take your souls, then you shall be brought back to your Lord ” ( Quran 32:11 ) .

Then there are the angels assigned to protect believers throughout his life , at home or traveling, asleep or awake .BELIEF

Others are responsible for recording the deeds of man , good and evil. They are known as the ” honorable scribes . “

Two angels , Munkar and Nakir are responsible for testing people in the grave.

Among them are the guardians of Paradise and the “guardians ” of the decade from hell whose leader is called Malik .

There are also angels responsible for breathing the soul into the fetus and write its provisions , life , actions and you will be happy or unhappy .

Some angels are itinerant , traveling the world in search of encounters where God is remembered . There are also angels of God’s heavenly army , standing in rows , they are never tired or sit , and others who bow or prostrate , and lift your head , always worshiping God.

As we learn from the top , angels are a magnificent creation of God , which vary in number , roles and capabilities . God has no need of these creatures , but with knowledge and belief, besides the fear we feel for God , as it is able to create what you want, because in fact the magnificence of His creation is a testament to the greatness of the Creator.


[1] Saheeh Al-Bukhari.


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