THE PLEASURES OF PARADISE Superiority of its joys and delight

 Defining the fundamental  differences between Paradise and the life of this world
The  superiority of its joys and delights in comparison to this life.


The pleasures of this world are transient whilst the joys of the Hereafter are lasting and eternal.Pleasures In this life when a person receives a thing is that shortly before do not get bored with it and make the search for something they feel is best , or may not feel the need for it. As the pleasures of Paradise, a person will never get bored with anything, but its goodness will increase each time they indulge in it .Delight
In addition , the life of this world is very short. Humans only live on this earth for a short time , and very few people reach the age of seventy.

” … Say: Short is the enjoyment of this world to the Hereafter is ( far ) better for him who fears God … ” ( Quran 4:77 ) .

As for Paradise , people will live forever. God says :

” … His performance is eternal and so is its shade … ” ( Quran 13:35)

” What’s going to disappear , and what is God’s will last … ” ( Quran 16:96 )

” ( They said ) : This is our choice, that will never end ” ( Quran 38:54 )

higher pleasures

The joy of the people of Paradise , like clothes , food , drink , jewelry and palaces , will be much higher than their counterparts in the world . There are , in fact, there is no comparison , even the smallest space in Paradise is better than this world and everything in it . The Prophet Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him, said:Delight
” The space of the bow of one of you in Paradise is better than all that the sun rises ” ( al- Mishkaat Masaabeeh 3/85 , no. 5615 )

Free all impurities Pleasures

Paradise is free from all impurities of this world. Eating and drinking in this life results in the need for excretion and its associated unpleasant odors . If a person drinks wine in this world , he loses his mind. The women of this world and give birth menstruation , which are sources of pain and damage. Paradise is free from all these problems : people do not urinate, defecate , spit or suffer from catarrh . The wine of Paradise, as described by its creator, is as follows:

“Crystal – white, delicious to those who drink ( thereof) , no drunkenness , nor suffer from intoxication ” ( Quran 37:46-47 )Delight

The water of Paradise does not become brackish , and its milk changes flavor :

“… Some of the stinking rivers, rivers of milk whose taste never changes …” ( Quran 47:15 )

The women of Paradise are pure and free from menstruation , postpartum hemorrhage and other impurities suffered by women in this world , and all are free from stool and feces. God says :

” … And it has been purified mates … ” ( Quran 2:25 )

The prophet answered a person when asked how the people of Paradise will relieve themselves :

” They relieve themselves by sweating through their skin, and the fragrance will be that of musk, and all stomachs have become fat. ” ( Ibn Hibbaan )Delight

What we said was a simple comparison to understand the nature of paradise , but as God said , its delights are truly hidden :

” Nobody knows what is kept hidden for them of joy, as a reward for what they did .” (Quran 32:17)

PARADISE : no such

The delights of paradise beyond imagination and defy description . They are like nothing known to the people of this world , no matter how advanced we become, what we do is nothing compared to the joys of the afterlife. As mentioned in several reports , there is nothing like Paradise :

“It is clear , sparkling aromatic plants , a lofty palace , a flowing river , ripe fruit, a beautiful wife and abundant clothing , in an eternal dwelling of radiant joy , in beautiful high solidly built. ” ( Ibn Majah Ibn Hibbaan )

The companions asked the Prophet about the buildings of Paradise and he replied with a wonderful description :Delight

“Bricks of gold and silver , and mortar of fragrant musk, pebbles of pearl and sapphire , and soil of saffron. Whoever comes filled with joy and will never feel miserable, live forever and never die , never wear clothes and his youth will never fade ” ( Ahmad , Tirmidhi , ad – Darimi ) .

God says :

” And when you look there ( in Paradise ) you will see a delight ( that can not be imagined ) , and great power . ” ( Quran 76:20 )

What God has kept hidden from us the delights of Paradise is beyond our comprehension . The Prophet said that God said :Delight
“I have prepared for My slaves what no eye has seen , nor ear heard, nor the human heart can imagine. ” Recite if you wish:

“Nobody knows what is kept hidden for them of joy, as a reward for what they did . “(Quran 32:17)

In another report :

“All that God has said, do not tell you is even greater. ” ( Sahih Muslim)

THE PLEASURES OF PARADISE Superiority of its joys and delight

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