The Answers to The Three why Big Question

Islamic Responses to some of the first ” big questions” in the lives of all humans inevitably ask , did we ?Question why

At some point in our lives , everyone does the big questions : “Who has made us ” and ” Why are we here ? “answers

So that makes us? Most of us grew up in the science of religion, and who believe in the Big Bang and evolution rather than God . But what makes more sense ? And there is no reason that the theories of science and creationism cannot coexist? Question why
The Big Bang could explain the origin of the universe , but does not explain the origin of the primordial cloud of dust.
why This cloud of dust (which, according to theory, met , compacted and then exploded ) had to come from somewhere. After all , contains enough material to form not only our galaxy , but billions of other galaxies in the known universe . Where does it come ? Who or what created the primordial cloud of dust?Question why

Similarly, evolution may explain the fossil record, but it is far to explain the essence of life , the human soul . We all have one .why We felt his presence, he talks about his life and times to pray for their salvation .why But religion alone can explain where it came from . The theory of natural selection can not explain many physical aspects of living things , but does not explain the human soul .Question why

In addition, anyone who studies the complexities of life and the universe can not stop to witness the signing of the Creator.why Whether or not people recognize these signs is another matter, as the old saying goes , denial is not just a river in Egypt. (Get it ? Denial, writes ” Nile” … Neither the river … oh , never mind. )whyThe fact is that if we see a painting, we know it’s a painter. If we see a sculpture , we know that is a sculptor , a boat, a potter . Therefore, if we consider the creation , did not know that there is a Creator ?Question why

The concept that the universe exploded and then developed the balanced perfection through random events and natural selection is somewhat different from the proposal , dropping bombs in a landfill , sooner or later, one to fly them all together in perfect Mercedes .answers why

If there’s one thing we know for sure is that without a decisive influence , all systems degenerate into chaos. The theories of the Big Bang and evolution suggest otherwise , however , that chaos fostered perfection. Would not it be reasonable to conclude that the Big Bang and evolution were monitored events? Controlled , ie the Creator ? Question why
The Bedouins of Arabia tell the story of a nomad finding an exquisite palace in an oasis in the middle of an otherwise barren desert .
why When asked how it was built , the owner said he was trained by the forces of nature. The wind shaped rocks and detonated aboard this oasis , then fell together in the shape of the mouth . Then they blew the sand and rain in the cracks of cement as a whole.why Then blew strands of wool carpets and rugs all wood wandering together in furniture, doors , windows and furniture , and its position in the palace in the right places .answers Lightning strikes the molten glass leaves and breathed into the window frames and black sand cast steel and how the fence and door with sand perfect alignment and symmetry. The process took billions of years and came to the only place on earth by chance.Question why

When we finished rolling his eyes , you get the point. Obviously , the palace was built by design, not by chance. How (or more precisely , that) , then we attribute the origin of infinitely more complex elements , such as our universe and ourselves? Question why
Another argument in favor of spreading the concept of creationism focuses on what people perceive as imperfections of creation. These are ” How can there be a God, if this or that happened? ” Arguments . The question at issue could be anything from a natural disaster to birth defects , cancer of genocide grandmother. That’s not the point . The fact is that the denial of God on the basis of what is perceived as the injustices of life implies a divine being would not have designed our life is perfect it’s nothing , and we have established justice in the earth.
Question why

Hmm … there is no other option ?answers

We might also suggest that God created life on earth to be a paradise , but rather a test , punishment or reward should have in the next life , when God establishes his final justice . In support of this concept , we can ask who suffered more injustices in worldly life as the favorites of God , ie the prophets? And do not expect to occupy the highest positions in Paradise except those who support the true faith in adversity of the world? While suffering in this worldly life does not necessarily favor with God and a happy worldly life not necessarily translate into the bliss of the afterlife.Question why

Hopefully , this line of reasoning , we can agree on the answer to the first ” big question ” . Who made us ? Do we agree that if we are creation, God is the Creator ? answers

If we disagree on this point , there is probably little point in continuing. However, for those who do not agree, go to the ” big question ” number two , why are we here? What , in other words , what is the purpose of life ?Question why

Islamic Responses to the second part of the “big questions ” in the lives of all humans inevitably ask, why are we here ?answers
first of the two great questions of life is : “Who has created us ? ” We addressed this question in above and (hopefully ) in ” God ” answer. As we are creation, God is the Creator.
Question why

Now for the second ” big question ” , ie ” Why are we here ? “answers

Well, why are we here ? To amass fame and fortune ? To make music and babies ? Being the richest man or woman in the cemetery , as we joked : “He who dies with the most toys wins ? “

No , there must be more to life than that, so let’s think about it. For starters, look around you . Unless you live in a cave , which is surrounded by the things that humans have done with our own hands. Now , why do we do this ? The answer, of course, is that we do things to carry out a specific function for us. In short , we do things that we use . Therefore, by extension , why God made us, if not used ?Question}{why

If we
acknowledge our Creator , and that He created mankind to serve, the next question is : “How? What can we do ? ” Undoubtedly, this problem can be solved by the One who created us. If He created us to serve Him, and then expects us to operate in a particular way , if we want to achieve our goal. But how can we know that this is how we know what God expects of us ?
answers why

Well, consider this : that God has given us the light by which we can find our way. Even at night , turn on the moon and the stars for navigation. God has given to other animals guidance systems best adapted to their conditions and needs. Migratory birds can navigate, even on cloudy days, by the way the light is polarized as it passes through the clouds . The whales migrate to ” read” the Earth’s magnetic fields . Back salmon in the sea to spawn in the exact place of his birth by smell , if you can imagine .why Fish sense distant movements through pressure receptors lining bodies. Bats and blind river dolphins “see” sound . Some marine organisms ( the electric eel is an example of high voltage) and generate “read” the magnetic field , allowing them to “see” in the muddy waters , or in the darkness of the deep ocean . Insects communicate by pheromones. Plants sense sunlight and grow into it (photo tropism) , roots sense gravity and grow in the ground ( geotropic ) .why For God has endowed each element creation with help. Can we seriously believe that would not give us information about one of the most important aspects of our existence , ie our raison deter, our reason for being ? It gives us the tools to achieve salvation ?Question

And would not this guide. . . revelation?answers

Think of it this way : Each product features and standards . For more complex products , the specifications and standards are not intuitive , we rely on the owner’s manuals . These manuals are written by someone who knows the best products , ie the manufacturer.why Type owner’s manual begins with warnings about the misuse and dangerous consequences thereof , moves to a description of how to properly use the product and the benefits that derive from this fact, and provides product specifications and troubleshooting guide that allows us to correct problems with the product.answers

Now , how is this different from revelation?why

The Revelation tells us what to do, what not to do and why , we are told that God expects of us , and shows us how to correct our shortcomings.why Revelation is the manual to the end user, provided that the direction of those who use us – ourselves. answers
In the world we know , products that meet or exceed the specifications are considered successes, while those who are not … hmm … let’s think about it. Any product that does not meet factory specifications will be repaired or , if desperate , recycling . In other words, destroyed. Ouch . Suddenly, the discussion turns serious fear . Because in this discussion , we are the product of the product of creation.

let’s pause for a moment and see how we relate to the various elements that fill our lives .
why As long as you do what we want , we are happy with them. But when we miss , we get rid of them . Some returned to the store , some donated to charity , but in the end they all end up in the trash , which is … buried or burned . Similarly, an employee is doing … fired. Now stop for a moment and think about that word. Where does this euphemism for the punishment due to the low yield comes ?why Hmm … the person who believes that the lessons of this life translate into lessons about religion can have a field day with this.answers

that does not mean that these analogies are invalid. On the contrary , we must remember that both the Old and New Testaments are full of analogies , and Jesus Christ taught using parables .

So maybe we’d better take this seriously .why

No, I was wrong . Definitely have to take seriously . No one considers the difference between heavenly delights and the tortures of hell laughing matter .answers

The third major QUESTIONS : the need APOCALYPSE why
Islamic Responses to the second part of the “big questions ” in the lives of all humans inevitably ask , how can we serve our Creator?

( Top ) , we responded to the two ” big questions” . we did? God. Why are we here ? To serve and worship . A third question naturally arose : ” If our Creator made us to serve and worship Him , how can we make it ” in the previous article , I suggested that the only way we can serve our Creator through obedience to his commands , borne revelation.why

But many question my assertion : Why does mankind need revelation? Is not it enough to be good ? Is not it enough for us all to worship God in his own way ?

Regarding the need for revelation , I would make the following points : In the first article of this series , I pointed out that life is full of injustices , but our Creator is fair and equitable , and establishes justice in this life is not , but in the afterlife.why However, justice cannot be established without four things – a COURT OF JUSTICE 
( Day of Judgment) , a judge ( the Creator) , the witnesses (ie , men and women , angels , creation elements ) , and a book of laws that the judge (ie revelation) . Now , how can our Creator establish justice if there is no humanity to certain laws during their time online ? This is not possible .why In this scenario , instead of justice , God would take care of injustice , because it would punish people for crimes they had no way of knowing were crimes.why

Otherwise, why do we need revelation? For starters, without guidance mankind cannot even agree on social and economic issues , politics , laws, etc.why So , how can we agree on God? Second, nobody writes better user manual than the product produced . God is the Creator , we are creating , and no one knows the general outline of the creation rather than the Creator.why Employees can design their own job descriptions, duties and remuneration conditions as they see fit ? Are we citizens can write our own laws ? No? Well , why should we be allowed to write our own religions ? If history has taught us anything , it is that the tragedies that occur when mankind follows its whim.why How do you say flag of freedom of thought have developed religions themselves and their followers to nightmares of Earth and damnation in the hereafter committed?

Why is it not enough to be good? And why is not enough for us all to worship God in his own way ? For starters, the definitions of ” good ” different peoples . For some it is a life of high moral and self , for others it is the madness and chaos.why Similarly, the concepts of how to serve and worship our Creator also differ . The most important and timely , you can walk into a store or restaurant and pay with a currency other than the seller accepts .why So it is with religion. If people want God to accept his servitude and worship, they have to pay in the currency requirements of God. And that money is obedience to His revelation .why

Imagine raising children in a home that has created the ” house rules . ” Then one day, one of your children tells you he or she has changed the rules , and we will do things differently. How would you react ?why It is very likely that with the words , ” you can take your new rules and go to hell ! ” Well, think about it . We are God’s creation , to live in their world according to their rules, and ” go to hell ” is probably what God is going to tell anyone that claims not change their laws with theirs .why

Sincerity becomes an issue at this stage. We must recognize that all pleasure is a gift from our Creator , and worthy of grace.why If you give them a gift, using the gift before thanksgiving ? And yet , many of us like the gifts of God for life and never give thanks . O give later. The English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning , spoke of the irony of human distress call in the man shouting :

The lips and say “God is lamentable”why

“Praise God . ” Rascal , who said :

not good manners and thank our Creator for the gifts from time to time for the rest of our lives ? Do not we owe ?

You answered ” Yes ” . Must have . No one will read this far without agreement , but here ‘s the problem: Many of you have answered “Yes ” , knowing that your heart and your mind is not quite agree with religions of their exposure .why You agree that we were created by a Creator. Struggles to understand. And you aspire to serve and worship in the manner prescribed . But you do not know how, and you do not know where to look for answers. And that , unfortunately , is not an issue that can be answered in an article.Question

The Answers to The Three why Big Question

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