Common diet mistakes during weight loss

If diet and not see significant changes , perhaps to take the wrong direction. Health experts say that even when on a healthy diet and do not burn more calories than you consume is the work from scratch.{diet}If you are used to start , stop focusing on the diet.{diet}Instead, check what habits you agree that every day could be the reason for the extra weight . Dieting can lead to increased anxiety and obsession with food . 
Here are some dietary mistakes most people make :{weight loss}
fast food restaurant{fitness}
Not unless you’re in a competition to eat , no fast food or a reward. Being in a very busy due to the pressure of working hours is one of the main reasons why people eat in a hurry .{diet}Tara Gidus , MS , RD , a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association says people should adopt the habit of eating slowly and savor every bite get satisfaction signal before overeating. He added that consumption at a slow rate can reduce the total amount of food eaten by each session.
skipping meals{fitness}
Studies show that people who skip meals, especially breakfast weigh more than those who take several times a day .{diet}People are drawn to the misconception that to avoid some foods saves calories. If you eat less than three meals a day , chances are you’ll end up eating foods that contain a lot of calories. Joan Litchen , PhD , RD a nutrition consultant says even low-fat foods , such as muffins can have up to 400 calories and 5 grams of fat. Joan recommends a healthy breakfast that is high in fiber.{weight loss}
Many liquid calories{fitness}
If you enjoy sweet drinks such as soft drinks, milkshakes , coffee or tea with cream , not only you are losing weight.{diet}Gidus said most of the drinks are designed to quench thirst and to satisfy hunger . He advised that one should switch to the best diet or low calorie drinks such as water , soda , skim milk , juice , vegetables and small amounts of fruit juice 100% . If you are accustomed to alcohol , try lighter options containing less starch and energy.{weight loss}
Lichten said people usually get used to a lot of the hotels ,
carries the same habits in their homes. Weight loss experts recommend a number of tricks to reduce food intake in each session.{diet}These include letting a few pieces on the plate , the use of the plate or bowl with a small volume , and reduce intake occasionally.{diet}Must be respected at all times ensure that you eat according to your body needs .{weight loss}
Tasting healthy dishes{fitness}
Besides enjoying a great deal , they tend to add high -fat toppings such as bacon , cheese , croutons and creamy dressings .{diet}Litchen said that even in fast food restaurants grilled chicken and salad are not always better than a burger and what matters most are the ingredients used.{diet}
Involuntary Eating Habits{fitness}
Snacking in front of the TV or reading a magazine is a habit that should be avoided. Avoid the temptation to finish the rest of your child.{diet}Tips Gidus instead of thinking about the food that perishes , reflect on your waist. Snacks or have a constant Mindless Eating can add to a high intake of calories at the end of the day.{weight loss}

Common diet mistakes during weight loss

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