Ways to Control Hunger The Science of Appetite Control

{Control Hunger}
One of the biggest struggles faced by people trying to lose weight or maintain once you actually achieved their goal , find ways to control hunger that lead to overeating foods every day .{lose weight}
 For decades , if not centuries , it was believed that the only way to solve this problem is to strengthen the will and live with the discomfort of hunger every day. Either that or submit to it and the risk of gaining weight or deny the efforts that were made to lose.
{lose weight}
However, times have changed and now , with science on our side , we know that there are ways to control hunger and its negative impact on maintaining a healthy weight.
{lose weight}
 Instead of suffering from discomfort or sell the horrors , there is a third option : 

Eat smarter .{Control Hunger}
Eating smart means applying modern scientific discoveries in the world of nutrition and physiology in our eating habits are satisfactory and give us the means to control hunger. The scientific name of this level of satisfaction of food is ” satiety .
{fitness}” Fullness The word derives from the Latin word satisfactory , which means enough. And indeed , the feeling of fullness is achieved in the hypothalamus of the brain that helps regulate the body’s ability to decide whether to consume enough food and feel satisfied.{Control Hunger}
Physicians and physiologists have found that one of the most effective ways to control hunger is to choose foods or combinations of foods to satisfy hunger suitable for prolonged periods of time. An important component of food satiety signals within the hypothalamus is macro nutrients. Proteins , carbohydrates and lipids are among the most important macro nutrients that help achieve that feeling “full” and to make it last .
{Control Hunger}
To eat smarter and find a more effective way to fight hunger, integrate swing, low glycemic index foods , such as fruits and vegetables in your diet , rather than relying mainly on bread and pasta carbohydrates.
{fitness}Then balance these carbohydrate foods fruits and vegetables base with protein rich foods and healthy fats.{lose weight}

If you have ever felt that maintaining a healthy diet and find ways to control hunger is just a mind game , you were not so far from the truth! The sensors of satiety in the brain of the body need the right combination of micro nutrients stop sending hunger signals .{fitness}To take advantage of this knowledge , start paying attention to the content of protein and carbohydrates at every meal . This will help you get the most out of everything you eat .{Control Hunger}

Ways to Control Hunger The Science of Appetite Control

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