The Most Important Reasons Why Teens Should Quit Smoking

{Most Important}
The younger a person is when they start smoking , the more damage your body will suffer when they get older .{fitness}Smoking is a terrible habit , and although most of us know what it is , people still refuse to quit. Lung cancer is one of the major diseases caused by smoking, such as cancer of the throat , as well as all kinds of other diseases. Some long-term smokers have even had to amputate ! These are the most important reasons why teens should leave :{Most Important}
The younger you start smoking , the more damage you do to your body.
You will be healthier and less breathless.
{Quit Smoking}
The average smoker spends over £ 90,000 in your life to cigarettes. Imagine

    clothes and nights out could be done with it? !{Most Important}
You look better – smokers are more wrinkled faces , fallen by the time they reach

    their mid -20s .
Quitting smoking actually helps save the planet!
{Quit Smoking}
A person who starts smoking at the age of 15 is 3 times more likely to die of cancer than someone who starts smoking in their mid -20s .
{Most Important}
No smoking will make you instantly more attractive .
{fitness}Many people prefer

    non-smokers , smokers often have bad breath and the smell of cigarettes.
You will not only hurt your health – health is damaged others with second hand

    smoke !{Quit Smoking}
Now you know the most important reasons to quit smoking , here’s how to start :
Agreeing with his friends to stop smoking.
{Quit Smoking}
It may be difficult to give up the old , just do it.
{fitness}12-18 years will receive the

    nicotine replacement therapy free on the NHS. Ask your doctor to help you !
Prepare some difficulties when deciding to abandon the people say they are the

    most difficult days .{Quit Smoking}
If you are afraid that you gain weight when you quit smoking , keep low calorie

    snacks with you , such as fruits , chewing gum and popcorn for the day .{Quit
Ask your family for the support. If your parents do not know that you smoked

    before, you’ll probably be surprised, but probably going to do everything possible
    to help once they know you are trying to quit smoking!{Most Important}
Try Electricig electronic cigarettes . These electronic cigarette cravings and help

    are not as bad as the real thing . However, you may find it easier to quit smoking
    cold turkey !{Quit Smoking}
Try to stay away from alcohol as much as possible when you stop smoking , as it can stimulate cravings. Coffee , sugar and sweets can stimulate cravings too!
{Quit Smoking}
If you have something to say when someone offers you a cigarette.

    them that you save your money for something worthwhile, tell your boyfriend / 
    girlfriend does not like smoking, or even tell them you want to start taking
    seriously the way !
It will take a month for your cravings disappear. Take one day a month at a time

    and you will soon be free from your addiction!{Quit Smoking}
Stop smoking as soon as possible and reverse any damage done by eating his body – and soon you will be a healthy non-smoking!

The Most Important Reasons Why Teens Should Quit Smoking

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