Crash Diets & How Do They Work

  • Crash diets or fad diets are the most used form of the diet of the people looking for a miracle cure for weight loss solution .{fitness}It is neither healthy nor succeed in weight loss long term and permanent. After crash diets , a person drastically reduces calories and is deprived of essential foodstuffs . Consequently, it is possible to continue on crash diets for more than a few weeks.{Crash diets}
  • Although in the early days after the accident plans , weight loss occurs , is temporary, once you get out of these plans , you are bound to regain the lost weight . Crash diets are generally yo-yo dieting . People go on and have a weight loss as they are in terms of crash diet. But out of it after only a few weeks to regain weight .{fitness}So to lose weight, go back to a strict diet. The end result will be held in the grip cycle of nutritional deficiency diseases . Some of the effects of crash dieting include electrolyte imbalances , malnutrition , lethargy , nausea , diarrhea , dehydration and headaches .{Crash diets}
  • Some crash diets are popularly followed cabbage soup diet , the grapefruit diet , blood type diet and cleanliness main diet . While following the crash diet cabbage soup diet eat nothing but cabbage soup for a continuous period of seven days . While cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable and helps burn calories , eliminate other food groups as a result of which are beset by nutritional deficiencies .{fad diets}

Operating principle of crash diets{fitness}

  • Crash diets are monitored for rapid weight loss . These systems significantly reduce your calorie intake . If your average caloric requirement of 1500 calories per day , killed about 1000 calorie diets. With the result of caloric deficit , reserves of glycogen and protein are the first to be used as energy .{fitness}As the reserves of protein lost , there is a weight loss which accompanies water. Then , the levels of triglycerides in the fat reserves are depleted.{fad diets}
  • In the early days after crash diets , you will find a lot of weight loss as the body reacts immediately to depleted energy reserves . But if you continue in the same method drastic caloric restriction , metabolism slows down and weight loss rate decreases gradually reach a plateau of weight loss.{fad diets}
  • When you reach a dead end and not experience weight loss , you lose the motivation to continue with the diet. It is neither practical nor medically recommended to continue crash diets beyond a few weeks. Return to the old regime model . Now you start to regain weight to a faster pace. With your metabolism is slow , it is difficult to burn calories from your regular diet and you will be trapped in the vicious cycle of going in and out of that crash diets are very unhealthy .{fad diets}
  • If weight loss is your goal, follow a healthy and balanced diet with the support of a regular exercise program . Weight loss so obtained will be permanent and stay fit and healthy.{fad diets}

Crash Diets & How Do They Work

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