Manuka honey is The queen of honey – A top survival food, wound healer and all-purpose health tonic

  • The humble honey jar in your closet is more than just a delicious sweetener – it is also a food and medicine chest in one incredible survival . Known in history for its health merits , honey is a broad-spectrum healer . Heart disease , high cholesterol , flu , wounds and infections respond well to this golden liquid common and seemingly simple. Since some types of honey are more effective than others, choose wisely to enjoy maximum benefit .[humble honey]

Ultimate survival food and amazing health improvement
[manuka honey]

  • Honey is one of the most remarkable survival foods that can store a pantry.[manuka honey] When stored in an airtight container and keep cool and dry, the honey life is remarkable – it becomes stale , ever.[manuka honey]  In fact , archeologists have found jars of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that are still fit for human consumption . Selecting honey , it is important to focus on the early varieties , organic and unfiltered for more bio active properties . Once the honey is heated , many health-promoting properties disappear.[humble honey]
  • Nutrient-rich honey is full of probiotics , antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.[manuka honey]It is also rich in calories and helps to maintain energy levels . Rich in B vitamins vitamin C , honey is also a good source of magnesium  calcium , copper, iron , sulfur and zinc,.[manuka honey]
  • Honey helps to improve athletic performance and supports a healthy immune system.[honey life]For those who have type II diabetes or high cholesterol , honey is a good choice.[manuka honey]The scientists found that when taken daily, honey actually reduces cholesterol levels and blood sugar does not like refined sugar notes .[humble honey]
  • A word of caution : Infants under one year should not be given honey due to the threat of infant botulism .[manuka honey]

Manuka is The queen of honey

  • When times are tough, and medical care are irregular  manuka honey is a universal medicine easily , accessible. Considered five times more potent than regular honey , manuka is a powerful food .[humble honey]
  • Having a cut or burn to repair? Manuka honey is an excellent ointment.[honey life]  Antibacterial properties promote wound healing and tissue regeneration . Manuka is also anti -fungal – a powerful treatment of ringworm and athlete’s foot. Similarly, many argue that manuka honey disorders not turn internal fungi such as Candida barbicans.[manuka honey]Gum Disease ? Surprisingly , the research found that manuka reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth when rubbed on the gums . Sick with the flu? Manuka is a superstar here too.[honey life]A study in Spain found that honey compounds that destroy the influenza virus .[manuka honey]Moreover, manuka has shown to facilitate weight loss , cure urinary tract infections , ease indigestion , soothe sore throats , relieve arthritis , calm the stomach and promote longevity .[humble honey]
  • No need to wait for the collapse of civilization or of an economic crisis to take advantage of this rich liquid gold. With a lot of healing properties , honey is a delicious drug that promotes a smooth and healthy life at any time .

Manuka honey is The queen of honey – A top survival food, wound healer and all-purpose health tonic

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