6 Herbs for Weight Loss

Most of us have an Achilles heel when it comes to losing weight. For some, this is very good , for others it is a slow metabolism.losing weight]Whatever the particular obstacle , the herbal formulas can help.Herbs for Weight Loss

Increase your metabolism . . . Green tea extract Herbs for Weight Loss

  • HOW IT WORKS:losing weight]Green tea contains compounds called catechism , a type of antioxidants that have been associated with increased metabolism and the ability to stimulate fat burning .Herbs for Weight Loss
  •  In a 2005 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition ,[losing weight] a group of men who consumed 690 mg of green tea extract lost more weight per day in three months than the control group ( an average of 5.3 pounds instead . 2.9 lbs .) Previous studies have shown that green tea causes weight loss in women, as well.Herbs for Weight Loss
  • BEST BUY : Pride of green tea extract or liquid Authority Puritans green tea herbal ( puritan.com ) capsules Herbs for Weight Loss
  • Dose: 400 mg capsules per day , 10 to 20 drops twice a day .Herbs for Weight Loss
  •  Take capsules or liquid extract added in a cup of tea or combine it with food.losing weight ” I want to put in soups and spaghetti sauce ,” says Lethal Headway , author of feeding your Tiger :Herbs for Weight Loss
  • The Asian Diet Secret for Permanent Weight Loss and Vibrant Health ( Royale , 2007).
  • CAUTION: Green tea can reduce water retention , but can also cause diarrhea and nervousness.Herbs for Weight Loss

Burn Fat with . . . FISH OIL  Herbs for Weight Loss

  • HOW IT WORKS: omega- 3 fatty acids in fish oil help change the way the body uses fat :losing weight]Instead of storing the body burns fat for fuel. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 , Australian researchers found that both fish oil and reduction of body fat, independent of exercise .Herbs for Weight Loss
  •  However, a combination of the two study subjects walked quickly three times a week for 45 minutes and consumed 1.9 grams of fish oil per day , was even more effective .losing weight” Fish oil also seems to stop certain types of cravings for fat,” says Julia Ross , director of clinical recovery systems in Mill Valley , California. Herbs for Weight Loss

  • BEST BUY : Nordic Naturals Omega and Omega last fish oil gel capsules ( nordicnaturals.com )
  • Dosage : 1000-2000 mg per day.losing weight
  • WARNING : start with a low dose , high doses can disrupt sleep , says Ross .Herbs for Weight Loss][herbs for losing

Stop cravings with . . . L – glutamine 
Herbs for Weight Loss

  • HOW IT WORKS:losing weight]When sugar levels in the blood drop , cravings tend to follow because his brain is not getting the fuel it needs .losing weight ” L – glutamine, an amino acid, instantly feeds the brain , which prevents the red code you want sweets and starchy foods ,” says Ross . Evidence also suggests that L- glutamine can facilitate weight loss by affecting the conversion and storage of calories. in a study conducted in 1996 by researchers at Duke University Medical Center have found that weight loss supplements caused L – glutamine in mice.[Herbs for Weight Loss]  [herbs for losing]
  • BEST BUY: NOW 500 mg L-glutamine capsules (nowfoods.com) [herbs for losing]
  • Dosage: Two capsules of 500 mg three times a day between meals for one or two months. For faster effect , that the capsules are dissolved under the tongue.[Herbs for Weight Loss]

[losing weight]
Beat with a sweet tooth . . . Gym Sylvester
[losing weight]

  • HOW IT WORKS: derived from a plant that grows wild in India and Africa , Gym has been shown to reduce the chance to taste the sweetness . Gym molecules are similar to glucose and receptors satisfy the taste buds on the tongue, in the belief that it has received a dose of sugar. A study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior , in 1983 , found that people who took a dose of Gym had a diminished perception of sweetness and , when offered snacks , eat fewer calories than the control subjects .[Herbs for Weight Loss]

  • BEST BUY : Pride Gym Sylvester tablets or capsules Diuretics Puritans Gym ( puritan.com ) [herbs for losing]
  • Dose: 300 mg two to three times per day.[Herbs for Weight Loss]
  • Caution: High doses have been associated with hypoglycemia , so used in the recommended amounts.[Herbs for Weight Loss]

Burn fat and increase your metabolism . . . GIGGLE
[Herbs for Weight Loss

  • HOW IT WORKS: An Curved remedy , giggle is used to relieve joint pain , reduce cholesterol and help you lose weight. In 1999 , a study by researchers at the University of Nebraska and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York , [herbs for losing]  people who took 750 mg of giggle each day and is a combination of strength training and aerobic training three times a week for six weeks lost an average of six pounds exercisers , but took giggle lost only half a pound. ” Giggle helps the body to metabolize fat and improves thyroid function by increasing levels of thyroid hormones, ” says John Dullard , Ph.D. , Director of Lifespan School of Curved.[Herbs for Weight Loss]

  • BEST BUY : Bunyan Botanical Tripodal Giggle capsules (banyanbotanicals.com) [herbs for losing
  • Dose: 500 mg three times a day for three months.

Excited . . . The Relish [Herbs for Weight Loss

  • HOW IT WORKS : Sometimes harvested in the wild , where they grow on fallen logs , relish mushrooms are used in traditional Chinese medicine to develop strength and immunity and combat fatigue.[Herbs for Weight Loss]
  •  That may be why they work as weight loss supplements , Headway said , adding that the evidence of the effectiveness of Relish in losing weight is only anecdotal .[Herbs for Weight Loss]
  •  The logic : “It’s much easier to follow a healthy diet and exercise if you feel strong and full of energy,” says Headway . In Chinese medicine , relish – also known as Gander – used to treat hypertension.[Herbs for Weight Loss]
  • BEST BUY : more liquid Relish East Earth Trade Winds (eastearthtrade.com) [Herbs for Weight Loss]
  • Dose: 10 to 20 drops of liquid or relish extract 600 mg capsule shaped .
  • CAUTION : Avoid if allergic relish and not take it right after drinking coffee can make you nervous.

6 Herbs for Weight Loss

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